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Joyful Noise Tour -Day 4

Lakeland, Florida

It is getting late and clack for the Lakeland Concert is just arriving.  We have gotten a few snippets…a new story…a shout out from Clay to his fans…and a story of walking out in the warm Florida sun.  I can’t wait to hear more!

While we wait…a reminder:

Clay will be featured on The Dr. Oz show on Wednesday, Nov. 28! Check your local listings for the correct time and channel.

The following is a promo for the show:


The following was posted by the Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Florida.


QUOTE Polk Theatre Inc ‏@PolkTheatre

Great show tonight! Clay Aiken really delivered. It looked beautiful too! Thank you to all the remarkable…
The Polk Theatre · 3,299 like this

52 minutes ago ·

  • Great show tonight! Clay Aiken really delivered. It looked beautiful too! Thank you to all the remarkable staff, technical crew and volunteers for making it go so smoothy. And of course, as usual, we couldn’t have it without you, our fabulous patrons! Thank you for joining us!

The pictures from Lakeland are beginning to show up.  I will post a few and then put together another article in the morning.  Looks like the show was amazing!


Last week, Clay did a radio interview with Sway…  Today, there were three YouTubes published showing the interview.  It is nice to see these.  Enjoy!!

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tours, Talks and Tweets

  1. Looks like Clay is getting some great exposure – I couldn't be happier for him – he so deserves it!
    He makes a person so proud!!!!

  2. Thanks as always for the great pictures and videos. It’s so fun seeing Clay having fun. Lovin this time of year! 🙂

  3. WOW! thanks so much for the videos of Clay being interviewd, I thoroughly enjoyed them Musicfan, you're great!, I will be watching Dr. Oz today to see Clay also. xox

  4. Thanks for all the info on Clay this morning Musicfan. There's just so much lately. LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see Clay on Dr. Oz later today. It should be intense, but Clay is such a smart and common sense guy, I can't wait for his opinions and input he will give. Lovin' all the pics and reports from the tour as well.

  5. Love the new pictures of Clay. It sounds like another great concert last night. Thanks for putting up the video's for the interview. I enjoyed watching them.

  6. What a great interview with Sway & Clay! All the posts in the last few days are getting me reved up for the JNT in 2 weeks. Thanks for all the photos and info. Have my tape player set and will watch Dr. Oz in less than an hour!

  7. I went to all four concerts in Florida. I am still in awe. They have been the most amazing shows I have ever seen. It's great to finally see him get the exposure he deserves. Lakeland concert was out of sight. Such an amazing and humble man and I hope all good things come his way.

  8. Sway interview the best!Clay was really relaxed and having fun. I can hardly wait till this Saturday in Atlantic City.I love Clay so much!

  9. That was very sweet of Clay to speak so highly of his fans at last nights concert. That really meant a lot to me. It also challenges me to be the type of person Clay commended his fans for being.

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