Clay Aiken – “We’re Here To See Clay Aiken!”

The 92nd annual Miss America Pageant is scheduled to take place tonight at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  All 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico will compete for the prestigious title.  The pageant will be broadcast on ABC across the USA.

I am not a huge fan of Beauty Pageants, but two ladies caught my attention.  Kiaraliz Medina is representing Puerto Rico.  She has had a difficult week.  The young lady twisted her ankle a few days ago and is now competing on crutches.  Hopefully she will do the best she can and will not have any more problems.

The other young lady I read about is Alexis Wineman.  Alexis is 18 years old and the first woman with autism to ever compete in the Miss America pageant. Wineman was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder and borderline Asperger’s syndrome at the age of 11.

She is one of the youngest contestants and is there to help pay for her college tuition.  She is also the only lady who will be performing stand-up comedy as her talent.  Alexis said:

“Contestants often try to stay away from acting or monologues. I love to make people laugh and I think judges will be able to see the audience loving it as much as I am.”

Alexis has already won as far as I am concerned.  She must be an amazing young lady.

This is going to be a night of many firsts and it will be interesting to see who goes home with the crown.

Will you be watching Miss America 2013 tonight?


I will always remember the first time Clay Aiken sang at the Miss America Pageant.  It was on September 20th, 2003.  Clay was the featured musical guest of the pageant. About 30 minutes into the show, Tom Bergeron introduced Clay as “One of America’s newest Pop Superstars.” Clay sang “This is the Night” as the contestants paraded down the runway.

There was lots of press for Clay’s appearance.  The following are two of my favorite articles:

USA Today

Here she comes, Miss America (ABC, Saturday, 8 p.m. ET/PT) — and for three hours, yet. On the up side, we get a performance by American Idol’s Clay Aiken. And the down? The show will cut away to a “viewing party” hosted by Bachelor’s Ryan Sutter and Trista Rehn, who would no doubt host a party for When Animals Attack if it meant more airtime.


Press of Atlantic City

A group of 11 women clustered around the “Miss America Souvenirs” sign on the Boardwalk and smiled for the camera. They never saw each other before Saturday evening, but by now they were the best of friends. One thing held them together – and brought them to the Miss America Pageant.

“We’re here to see Clay Aiken,” the women, age 19 to 70, said almost in unison.

The group met on the Internet and decided to come to Atlantic City to see “American Idol” runner-up Aiken croon to the pageant, said Emily Beaston, 35, of Hellertown, Pa.

Just for one song?

“It’s worth it. We’d pay more than that to see him,” said Geri Carabella, 56, of Staten Island, N.Y. “He’s done a lot (for charities) in the short time he’s been a celebrity.”

It was real easy to find the Clay Aiken fans in Boardwalk Hall.

They were casually dressed and carried no placards and wore no buttons supporting their favorite contestant.



Colleen Siegel, of Lafayette Township, came to see the pageant, but screamed with delight when told Clay Aiken would perform live. Her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer last year and just finished her chemotherapy and will survive.

“We do nothing but listen to Clay Aiken’s tapes,” Siegel said. “It helps her get through her day.”

Yes…Clay Aiken added a lot to the pageant in 2003.  Did any of you see him perform live for this performance?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “We’re Here To See Clay Aiken!”

  1. Not live but I did watch on TV that very special night – I think everybody wanted to see Clay Aiken – at
    least that's what I thought !!!! He always gave his all from the very beginning and this was no exception! I didn't watch tonight, though – didn't even know it was on!

  2. What a wonderful video, Clay is just gorgeous and love that song, I have seen this before but never get tired of it or his voice, just love him, also love the latest photo you posted, so cute, I must have over 400 photos of him saved to my 'pictures', he's so photogenic.
    Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. Love the video and the latest pic of Clay-so cute, also the picture on the banner, so handsome is he. Thanks Musicfan and Deona xox.

  4. Oh Yes I did watch the show that night! It was AMAZING as usual! Clay was supurb! <3_How nice to see him again musicfan! Thanks so much!!

  5. That was such a thrilling night. The highlight was when Clay ripped his mike off the stand. Blew us all away! This is the first time I've read about the group of Clay fans who met on the internet and traveled to see Clay in person on the Miss America show. That's been repeated by many of us numerous times since then. Always worth it!

  6. Yes we watched it also. He was wonderful as always. Would really love to see him do it again!!

  7. i did watch clay singing at the miss americia pagent on tv in 2003 its as amazing now on v ideo as it was on tv idlove to see clay do it again

  8. I watched it on TV also, and was thrilled too, Claniac; great moment!! I didn't know there was a video of it, thanks, hopefulee8. And thank you for this, musicfan, all sorts of fascinating stuff I didn't know and pix I hadn't seen, as usual. You are amazing!

  9. I watched that night and taped it so I could watch over and over. Clay was amazing, and the song TITN was just perfect for the night.

  10. I hadn't really given much thought to watching tonight. After readying your blog, however, I'm interested in seeing how those two young ladies do. So, yes, I will be watching.

  11. You know I'm going to watch this now. Having a child with Autism, I will likely allow ChrissyJoy to sit with me and watch! She was diagnosed with PDD/NOS when she was 3 and I've always encouraged all 3 of my kiddos that they can do anything they want in life. Hope this will inspire others as well. 🙂

  12. That is the video that hooked me – hook, line and sinker! I must have watched that thing 2 dozen times.

  13. Didn't see it live, but watched it on tv. Was so glad that I had taped it!! What a performance!
    I knew after that that I'd have to somehow see him live in concert some day. Little did I know back then how lucky I'd be to see him many times. He's still going strong and I hope he never stops.

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