Clay Aiken – A Lot of Laughs!!

Friends may come and go over the years, but best friends are forever! National Best Friend Day is an annual “holiday” held on June 8th. Also known as Best Friend Day or Best Friend’s Day, it’s a wonderful opportunity to remind that special person in your life how much he or she means to you. 


Clay wrote:

“On this day, 20 years ago, I met @QuianaParler and two decades later I still can’t make it through a day without her.” 

The entire note is beautiful so go to Instagram and read what Clay wrote!

The following videos are about a guest by Clay and Quiana. They are quite lovely!

Both videos are great!!

Do you have a “Best friend”?

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Lot of Laughs!!

  1. I did listen to it and they were very funny (quick wit ) and I was glad they added the music, The last couple of songs were great….But I would rather hear a thousand ways album…or one of the others that he made…..the earlier songs were a little dull for me….Clay is the best of the best, and he has so many great songs to play……

  2. Musicfan…..I am essentially writing what was posted as my OFC response to the radio show. The program was filled with good common sense responses, sprinkled with a dose of snark and hilarity, and enhanced with thud worthy beautiful music. There was great interaction between Clay and Quiana. All in all, a very enjoyable three hours of outstanding entertainment. My audio reception from the show was excellent while wearing my headphones.

    Love the good friends photos of the radio show's co-hosts. Thanks!

  3. I enjoyed it…great for a first try…it will run smoother as time goes on.
    funny…made me laugh at times…
    Hearing glimpses into Clay's personal life made me realise that he has 'been there and done that' with so many of the problems.

    Good luck Alwaya a 'mate.

  4. I had a great time listening to the show last night. Clay and Quiana were funny, answered questions asked, and made it entertaining. I knew Clay would be great, as he loves to talk, but Quiana was also great. They have chemistry and just feed off of each other. There were some parts that I just out and out laughed. I wish them all the luck and success in the world. Last night was fun, and it went by so fast!!!

  5. There were technical issues that were annoying but their chemistry and humor came through. I too laughed out loud at times. Quiana gets her zingers in !! Clay's reaction to her is priceless. I wish we could hear her better. Things got smoother as they got into it and they seemed more relaxed. Their picking at each other was cute. I hope that stays in the show. Overall it was great fun and I hope things go well for the future.

  6. Clay and Quiana are a perfect match. They approach the callers’ questions from very different viewpoints, but each of them have valid contributions. This also accounts for the extraordinary humor throughout the show.

    Even though I have heard Clay’s songs over and over again, I must say they sounded totally new being broadcast! “Night Life With Clay Aiken” is a winner!

  7. I loved the show, particularly Clay's songs. I had my headphones on and his magical voice sounded better than ever. I have high hopes that the show will be taken up and broadcast nationally. It could be a boon to his career, leading to even bigger and better things.

  8. I loved the show. I especially liked that Clay and Quiana often had different perspectives in their answers and so you got to hear both sides, both good. They were both very funny and worked so well together. You could tell they are great friends. It goes without saying I loved the music too!!!

  9. i did here the show the music was amazing clay and quanda said what they had to say and the had different perspectives in there reactions and ansers and i have to say they both were funny and that they worked well together you can easyley tell that they are great friends

  10. Thanks for sharing Musicfan123! It seems like when they get in each other's faces, it's like a challenge, and the looks on their faces say, "Come On. You want it? Bring It On." I noticed that "look" in Pics 3,4, 5,8, 120, & 11. I can't remember what tour it was that they did the "Note Challenge," where either he or the girls would try to hold the note for as long as they could. And it was usually A & C who won more of the note challenges, than Q & C.

    Thanks again for sharing!!!!!!

  11. We should all be as lucky as Quiana to have a friend like Clay. They are so comfortable with each other and it showed in their banter last night. There were some bumps at the beginning of the program…the sound going in and out. I'm hoping this experiment will work out well for Clay and we will be able to hear him on a regular basis.

  12. The whole thing was great and I enjoyed it all…..but….the condo has thin walls conversation made my day! Hearing Clay laugh so hard he couldn't get it together was awesome. A man that can stand on stage in person and switch from hilarious to serious in less than 2 seconds laughing so hard and genuinely was contagious. We don't get the southern twang and country sayings UPNORTH here so I found that fun and interesting too. Clay gets an A+ for his project and Quianna gets an honorary degree from me. Thank you Musicfan for the pictures – I prefer numbers 6 and 8 because I was saw those concerts- Chain for Fools (#8) is so good I have it in my youtube playlist! Love those low notes and growls from Clay and Quianna was great. A fun duo then and a fun duo now.

  13. What fun it was last night listening to Clay's pilot radio show! I can't wait to hear about it. Chain of Fools was the best live experience I've had. It came out of the blue in Charlotte.

  14. i LOVED EVERY MINOTE OF THE SHOW,I could listen to Clay and Quiana 24 hrs a day.I did get through but was only `able to leave a message. O said I was calling about being alone and depressed but after hearing about husbands,boyfreinds, room mates, and children who wont move out maybe alone isnt that bad.I love the pictures too.

  15. I loved the show. Clay and Quiana are great together. Clay is such a natural. Very smart, compassionate and well thought out in his advice. Quiana is a hoot. I pray this show is picked up. Loved hearing Clay songs on the radio. The world need to hear that glorious voice coming over the airwaves.

  16. Loved Night Life w Clay Aiken. Clay and Quiana feeding off each other, finishing off each others sentences or contradicting each other was super entertaining. Also heartwarming to hear them interact as such good friends. What with them answering calls and giving great suggestions, both funny and serious, my heart grew 2 sizes bigger and I had a big smile plastered on my face. Loved the variety of calls (the callers did amazing) and how C&Q managed them with quick wit, humour and a tinge of serious. It felt so casual and relaxing, perfect mix of humor and lightheartedness. Clay's laugh alone can make any problems disappear! The part of the night was how clay said CHEATING DAWG. ROTFL

    TnT music blended in so well, it truly sounded better than my TnT CD. I could hear every single instrument beautifully played, felt like I was hearing them for the first time. The songs fit right into the show, unfortunately that's not going to be part of the show, but I just have to comment.

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