Clay Aiken – Clay Blogged

Be sure and check the new blog at Clay’s

Official Fan Club!

I always smile when I see that Clay has blogged.

We are in the middle of a power outage in my area.  I don’t know if we will have power tonight…so I hope to post more but will have to see.  My battery on the laptop has almost no power left.

Just wanted to let you know!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Clay Blogged

  1. I was so very happy and excited to see that things are progressing for Clay and Quiana!
    Hope you will be alright without power, Musicfan – thank you for the Blog Announcement.

  2. Oh dear musicfan, hope you didn't lose power! Loved the blog and will certainly be there Tuesday night for the fun!! Have a great day everybody!

  3. Thank you Musicfan for the heads up on Clay's Blog. Definitely will be there Tuesday Night.

    Hope you didn't lose power, and that everything is back to normal for you. Take care!!!

  4. Just read the blog, so excited for them, will be listening next Tuesday for sure, wish them all the succes in the world. Sorry Musicfan that your power is out but hopefully it will be back on soon, thanks for the news xox.

  5. Hope your power is back on quickly. We had an outage here overnight, but all is well today. Temp is 19 degrees! You can bet I'll tune in to hear Clay "on the radio" on Tues. Is anyone following the Kelly Clarkson/Clive Davis dust up? I wonder if Kelly will invite Clay to her wedding…maybe to sing a song for her?!

  6. So excited. Can't wait until Tuesday. Have a great day and be safe everyone! Hope you get your electric back soon.

  7. Love Clay's chatty blog. He really needs our help here…..not just by listening to the show, but by calling in. Let's all support our guy, yes?

  8. Yes, I love Clay's blog. He is so excited…and, he really does need people to call in to the show too. So, let's all support our guy.

  9. there are a lot of CLAY Fans that can not wait for this big tuesday night and i am one of them / I have been a loving fan of his for how lives from his BIG HEART oh ay Lisa R

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