Clay Aiken – The Story Continues!


48 hours – Yes, 48 hours that the name Clay Aiken is Everywhere!

You can find the news about Clay on

the internet,

newspapers and magazines,

Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs! 

The View, and The Stephen Colbert Show!

Yes!!  Everyone wants to know what Clay Aiken has to say about what he saw on Celebrity Apprentice and how it compares to the Presidency today!


Because of Clay’s conversation on the Domecast last week,  many things have happened.  Besides the 100’s of articles on every social news source you can think of, Clay has been quoted on The Washington Post, The  View and The Stephen Colbert Show!

It hit CANN too. Without counting those who receive the CANN email (489), we usually have between  350 to 450 readers on CANN. On July 12th, we had 612 readers.

Politicon loved the excitement too.  They put Clay on a panel about Mr. Trump and tweeted about it:

Want to hear what has to say about Trump? See him at ’s “Trump: Genius or Lunatic” panel! Tix:

I am so glad that my friends and I decided to go to Politicon a few months ago.  It is fun to find out Clay will be there too!


While I have been reading all about Clay on Celebrity Apprentice, I have remembered what fun it was to see Clay on TV each week!  In my opinion, the final results were all wrong, but I do enjoy seeing pictures and videos!

The banner at the top of this article is from Celebrity Apprentice.  Clay was recording a commercial!

Do you remember these pictures?

Both the the following videos are from Celebrity Apprentice.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Now, this is what I call fun!!!



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