Clay Aiken – Falling In Love Over and Over Again

Nobody sings a love song better than Clay Aiken. He has the ability to make us fall in love over and over again.

The best love songs are in the heart of the beholder. Songs that strike a cord of passion, belonging, and self expression are the ones that end up being your favorites. The very second a song starts playing will most likely identify an instant in time when you were either falling in love, deeply in love, or falling out of love.

It takes a great artist and great lyrics to be a source of inspiration and expression. The combination is an influence on your emotions which help to decide what the best love songs are for you.

There is a love song for every genre of music. From hard rock to the oldies and gospel, there is a limitless amount of music to choose from to celebrate the love in your heart.

What are your favorite love songs of all time that you would love to hear Clay Aiken sing? Are they classics or contemporaries? Maybe you like a ballad or one with a dance beat. How about country or pop or rock?

I am sure we can come up with a great selection of love songs for Clay to sing.

Please list your top three or four love or romantic songs that you would like Clay to sing. It doesn’t matter if he has already recorded them or if they are new to him. And try not to read the comments until you list your own selections. Of course, if you post four songs today and then think of the very best, just add it in another comment.

If you have the time, why not share why you like the songs. Also, have you kept one favorite song for years or do your favorites change over time?

Let’s give ourselves one week to compile our list so the deadline is Tuesday, February 12th.  I will list the winners on Valentine’s Day.

Have fun and let’s be creative!

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31 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Falling In Love Over and Over Again

  1. I love so many of Clay's songs – safe to say all – but his voice and expressions on "Bring Back My
    Love" is so hauntingly beautiful and so near perfection – I just love listening to it over and over. Each time he touches me so deeply. It should be played on the radio endlessly – don't understand it!! I also love his "Both Sides Now" and "Here you Come Again". I would love for him to do an Inspirational Album – with "How Great Thou Art" and "Ave Maria" – and any other Gospel song of his preference. I know he could do any one of them justice.

  2. There's special memories and/or meaning attached to each. They have all been favorites 'forever' except #2.

    #1. "Easy Lovin."
    #2. "Bring Back My Love"
    #3. "To Love Somebody"
    #4. "When A Man Loves A Woman."

  3. This sounds like fun Musicfan. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. Actually the one song that took my breath away, was Clay singing "Where Do I Begin" (from Love Story) on the T&T Tour. The power in his voice just gave me shivers down my spine. It was totaly amazing and I loved it. But I'm sure I can come up with 4 songs.

  4. Great question, Musicfan. Since Day One, I've been yearning to hear Clay sing, "The Impossible Dream". I can hear his voice soaring as he sings, "To dream the impossible dream". Be still my heart!

  5. My Happiness… old Ella Fitzgerald song.
    What'll I do? (can't remember who sang it…an all time favorite.) (Irving Berlin)
    I remember you. (Nat King Cole)
    I'm not supposed to love you anymore. ( i have a copy of Clay singing this…breaks your heart)I would love him to sing these…..Clay, are you listening?

  6. Please add "Honey" to my list. Its a tear-jerker of a song. Roger Whitiker [sp?]does a great job with it, but I think Clay would do even better. Btw, the bottom pic of Clay is soooooo gorgeous.

  7. I'm going w what Clay's sung in the past that I really want to hear again.
    Love Me Tender
    Love Story
    To Love Somebody
    Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
    Those Magic Changes

    i don't have one favourite love song that sticks. It's how it's sung that matters most. I like any kinds, ballad, rock, pop, r&b love songs. Ballads with well written lyrics are definitely more romantic.

  8. Wow, Clay singing my favorite love song…..hhumm, well, To make that happen would take a miracle, because the song is in Icelandic, it is called Ást við fyrstu sýn which means love at first sight, and Clay would just kill with that song.
    But I think I have to say that Unchained melody is my all time favorite song with Clay ……no it is Without you, God, how can you choose???
    And by the way, did you know that we don't celebrate Valentines day here in Iceland? We have a day for the husbands which is in January, and day for the wives whish is in February. Then we usually try to do something nice, something extra and thoughtfull for our husbands or wises (and if you are for example not married man your mum would do something for you).
    Hugs to you all.

  9. Lady in Red
    You Are So Beautiful to Me
    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    Unbreak My Heart
    Look What Love Has Done to Me
    I Know How the River Feels

  10. Hi,,,this is going to be fun
    My all time favorite love song is Unchained Melody, which of course Clay recorded. I have both versions on CD
    Love is a Many Splendored Thing is second
    The Way We Were
    You are Love from Showboat
    There are other songs that I love, but can't remember the names…how sad.
    Hallelujah is not a love song, but sure wish he would record it.

  11. Now this will be fun. I love that you are getting us involved!!

    I am going to think about this. I want the very best love songs!!

  12. Okay, so I can't stick with just 4. "Unchained Melody" has always been a favorite of mine; my older sisters played it on our stereo literally from the time I was born. Beyond thrilled Clay recorded it.

    #5. "Unchained Melody."

  13. The following are some of my favorite songs I love hearing him sing-
    Sacrificial love
    Broken Wings
    Lover All Alone
    Without You
    The Way
    But i have to say that i love all his songs.

  14. Wow…this is going to be fun!!!

    1. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (old Elvis song)
    2. Bring Back My Love (already recorded but wonderful)
    3. Love of My Life (on one of his demos)
    4. When A Man Loves A Woman (would LOVE to hear him do this one)

    I can think of tons more but these are some of my personal favorites. Well, these and most every song that he's already recorded and sang! LOL I really don't have a song that I don't like that he's done. 🙂

  15. The main love songs I would love to have Clay record are:
    Fascination (Jane Morgan – mid '60s)
    To Love Somebody
    On the Street Where You Live (My Fair Lady ) Was a Vic Damone smash hit
    Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis)
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Broadway show from the '30s or '40s
    Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – Karen Chandler or Mel Carter – 50's

  16. Clay + Love Songs = HEAVEN

    1 .Sometimes When We Touch
    2. I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
    3. When I Need You (I just close my eyes and I'm with you) He sang this on tour once. Beautiful!
    4. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

    Whatever he chooses to record, I hope they are produced by David Foster. What an album that would be!!!

  17. Wow! Wow, reading all these great songs, I keep thinking, yeah, that one, and that one, and that one…. ! : )

  18. i'd love to hear clay sing:

    1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    2. Please Don't Ask Me
    3. Fever

    i love all his songs but my favorites are don't let the sun go down on me and what kind of fool am i?

    thanks, musicfan and deona!

  19. My dream has always been to hear Clay sing "Embraceable You" and "Our Love Is Here To Stay" both by Gershwin, and "Some Enchanted Evening" by Rogers & Hammerstein, from South Pacific.

  20. Musicfan…..I remembered that Clay also sang I Can't Make You Love Me at a Golfing for Inclusion event. I checked and found it was on January 7, 2008 at Palm Beach, Florida. He also sang Unchained Melody along with a few other songs. I love the how Clay sings the ICMYLM song, but it is sad and I don't think I would play it very often. Thanks for the video and for the fun challenge of naming our top "I want to hear Clay sing these songs" list. Mine is in your following day's blog.

  21. There is more than one Form of love …I would like to see him stretch his wings and fly away from romance into love of a child or world peace. The cycle of life something like that. That said I do have one on my list…

    Love Of My Life (from his demo)
    A Little Good News (update lyrics to current events)
    Some Walls (great lyrics music is crap fix the music)
    You and Me Against The world
    Eagles Wings

  22. aomething fresh would be a cover of friend of mine (original pilipino music just search it on the web odette quesada and lea salonga have a good version and clay's voice and emotional delivery would make a great version at least in my head)

    other songs:
    ever since the world began (survivor)
    for the first time (kenny loggins)
    all the time in the world (boyzone)
    i don't want to miss a thing (aerosmith)

  23. It was hard to only pick 3 or 4.
    The Impossible Dream
    First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
    Lover All Alone

  24. Seems to be a trend here:
    1..When a man loves a woman
    2..The Impossible Dream –which he probably did a ton of in high school and is sick of by now…
    3..Theme from Love Story

    But I'd personally like to hear the Elvis recorded "Just Pretend"-
    -I think he could sing the hell out of that song; and also…

    Any any great gospel hymns that he would slay and inspire so many with.
    How about it Clay? A gospel album? Pleeeasse??!!

  25. First time ever I saw your face
    When a man loves a woman
    I'm not suppose to love you anymore
    Both sides now

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