Clay Aiken Talks About UNICEF and American Idol

ABC Television Network has been very supportive of Clay Aiken since he became a star on American Idol.  Clay has performed concerts many times on Good Morning America and the show always seems to interview Clay about many of his charities, his music and his up-coming events.

During the first week of February in 2007, Clay was interviewed by Diane Sawyer about American Idol and UNICEF.  Regarding American Idol, Diane asked Clay if the producers prep the contestants for he audition.  Clay answered that they suggested he show some personality. He also added that unfortunately, people don’t realize that the next day they will be the butt of many jokes.

Diane also asked if he had talked to Jennifer Hudson yet, Clay said not yet, but he is jealous because he is no longer the most successful loser from AI…of course he was joking. Clay said Jennifer was very talented.

Finally, the topic changed to UNICEF.  Clips of Clay visiting Bandeh Aceh were shown.  Clay talked about a new partnership between the UNICEF Ambassadors and (Yahoo) to help raise awareness of UNICEF and what they do.  Clay said that the money from this project would go to very specific programs in different countries.

When Clay visits the Good Morning America studio, the crowd is always huge and this visit was the same.  Not everyone was able to make it into the studio.  Clay was very cordial to his fans and signed lots of autographs when he was outside.

The following video of another interview about UNICEF was posted on at the same time Clay did this visit to GMA.  The video is still there and it is very good.  Besides some interesting questions from the host, Clay answered some fan questions too.  I hope you have a chance to view it.  You can find it at ABC.COM



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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Talks About UNICEF and American Idol

  1. I have seen this interview before but nice to watch it again, anything about Clay i just gotta watch, he always makes me smile. Love the photos. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  2. I enjoyed watching that video again.. Thanks Musicfan!!!!

    It's always cool to watch old videos of Clay talking, and watching him today. His speaking has become much more polished, but the messages are still the same.

  3. Thanks so much for this. I find Clay to be a very genuine and compassionate man. Especially where children are involved. He has my heart b/c of that. 🙂

  4. music fan i have seen this intervew before anything that has to do with clay i have to watch and see and hear clay alwas makes me smile also thanks music fan and ilove the photos

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