Clay Aiken – Where In The World?

I have no idea, however someone on twitter snapped this picture of Clay at the airport on Wednesday!

Business or pleasure?? I have no idea.

I just hope Clay is safe and having a wonderful time!

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Where In The World?

  1. Clay looks very, very serious and lost in thought!!! But still very cute – he is always cute!!! How does
    he do that ??!! <3 🙂

  2. I also saw where someone posted this picture. Facebook I think. Ha, I thought it was an old pic! I also saw his tweet!

    @clayaiken I know someone on this aeroplane smells like turnips! I know that much! :-/ #turnipfunk

  3. For every one who saw Clay's tweet to Arsenio, there you have it – proof that Clay likes purple!!

    He can rock any color even Eggplant (The purple of royalty). Yes, I said Eggplant – turnips are more of a pinkish purple.

    Either way – thank you for the CLACK. Positive or negative motives makes no difference, the second you snap/share a photo of Clay you join the ranks of CLOSET CLACKERS. You could have left him alone but you couldn't stop yourself could you? It's okay, you can admit it – He's irresistable!

    • I hope you know that I didn't take the picture. I found it on-line. I almost didn't post it because it is Clay's private time, but it is all over the web so I figured it was OK to post.

      • You're great musicfan and I do know that. I was thinking of the person that "took and tweeted" the picture originally. I didn't realize at the time that Clay was having fun with the turnip reference. I need to check my twitter feed more often. My bad.

  4. Clay looks so young, thin, and adorable in the airport pic. I do believe it's current. Thanks for posting it, musicfan.

  5. Thanks for that picture. Well, maybe he is going to go see Parker. It looks like that could be a 5Guys Hamburger place. What a cutie!!

  6. Clay is really looking good in that picture. His hair standing up like that reminds of a kewpie (kupee) doll (sans the sideburn). It makes him look adorable and cute – to me anyway. Nice profile as always. Hope his aeroplane (his spelling) ride is/was comfortable and free of drama.

  7. No matter what he wears he always looks fantastic…hes beautiful….I love him….love his voice… everything about him……xxxxxx

  8. I hope he's either somewhere resting up for a busy 2013 or recording somewhere. Some hot AC pop songs to go with his radio show would be great.

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