Clay Aiken – A Little Refreshment Please!

Being a Pop Star  is hard work!

A little refreshment, please!

Do You Have  Favorite?


I sure miss Clay!

I hope we hear something/anything soon!!!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Little Refreshment Please!

  1. My favorites are the first picture and the last one. I miss Clay too. I was hoping we’d have heard something about the Broadway song for the NIP by now. I’m sure Clay is just busy rehearsing for the Drowsy Chaperone. The payoff will be when we see him do great in the show and read the fantastic reviews. 🙂

  2. I'm sure we'll hear something from clay when he's ready, it may be hard but I guess we just have to be patient. Love all the pics, really hard to pick a favorite but maybe number 7 (soo cute) he looks so young for his age. I'm hoping he will have another radio talk show. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. I love Clay's eyes in #2. He looks like he is taking a really big gulp. #8 brings back memories of the fantastic job Clay did on Apprentice. That was some party he threw!

  4. i miss clay too also verry much picture 2 he looks like hes taking a big gulp of what ever hes drinking and picture 8 the memorys are coming back now to me of the amazing and wonderrfull job clay did on the apretice i was hoping that we all wold have hersd something about whos gona sing the bradway sonfg for nip by now but no not yet im also sure clays practicing his lines and pratacing singing for the drowsy chaparone and the pay off wil indeed be when clay gets amazing revews and does an amazing job on the play

  5. 7 and 10 are my favs. Lets have a contest 4 #2. What was Clay thinking?OMG!!! Thats Shrinking Susan in the front! Quick ! GET JEROME AND THE STRAITJACKET!!!

  6. Absolutely love #8, the Crystal Light Picture. Lots of smiling faces with Clay looking very handsome in his colorful beach shirt and lavender lei (great color for him). Picture #10 rates second best, with Clay in an almost full body shot, wearing his purple hoodie, and looking very contemplative next to the coke sign. To me – Clay's good looks convincingly outweigh the hairstyles in both pictures.

  7. I like # 4 cause you can see his gorgeous eyes and # 6 b/c he does a "spit" take in the next shot during the tour. I think that is when Miss Trenyce is reading the reviews about the tour to the entire group and Carmen gets a bad review but in the next scene, somebody does something funny (I can't remember who) that makes everyone @ the table, just roar with laughter. And another thing I've noticed over the last 10 years, he certainly likes his stripes and makes 'em look GOOD! :p

  8. From one of Clays Loving fans/ All of these pics r all way cool and some of my faves r #1 & 2 , & 5 & 8 & 10 ,//, anything new at any time about Clay helps 2 make it a good day 4 me Blessing to all Lisa R <)

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