Clay Aiken – Charming, Serious, With A Touch of Humor!

Portraiture is a window to the soul. – Anonymous

 The wonderful professional photographic portraits that Clay Aiken has published during his professional career have always fascinated me.  Many of them are charming, some are serious and some have a touch of humor that comes through the camera lens.

As I was researching information, I came across the following quotes about photography that I thought were interesting.  I hope you enjoy them too!

“My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain.”

~Helmut Newton~

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”

~Paul Caponigro~

 When Jack London had his portrait made by the noted San Francisco photographer Arnold Genthe, London began the encounter with effusive praise for the photographic art of his friend and fellow bohemian, Genthe. “You must have a wonderful camera…It must be the best camera in the world…You must show me your camera.” Genthe then used his standard studio camera to make what has since become a classic picture of Jack London. When the sitting was finished, Genthe could not contain himself: “I have read your books, Jack, and I think they are important works of art. You must have a wonderful typewriter.”

~ Anonymous~

The following are a few of the wonderful photographic portraits of

Clay Aiken















Oh…I think I got carried away!!

Which picture is your favorite?

Don’t forget, if you click on the picture, you can see it in the original size!




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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Charming, Serious, With A Touch of Humor!

  1. #14 series! But I love all of them! Gotta get ready for work! Thanks musicfan! Nice way to wake up this morning!

  2. Seriously, favorite picture? Impossible! I love them all but 3 and 9 just take my breath away. Hello gorgeous! 🙂

  3. I certainly admire those who can take such great pictures. Looking at a photo can take you back to an event you attended and bring back such wonderful memories! The last picture is my favorite , but it was hard to pick. Thanks for posting all the gorgeous pictures!

  4. @,4,6,9 are my favs but I LOVE THEM ALL!He reminds me of a big yummy ice cream cone with sprinkles!

  5. Wow musicfan, you certainly do beautify our computers with Clay photos. No complaints here. My favorite is #8 Blonde Clay. Love his beautiful profile and serene look. Also, really like his jacket's detail and the color co-ordination of his hair, clothing, and the photo's background. Very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It's from the back cover of the On My Way Here CD.

  6. Okay…#4, #5, #7,#8,#10, #11 and #14! Sue me! It's hard to choose!!! LOL I love him in every single look he's ever tried…he's such a chameleon and can pull of any look. But if I only get to choose one…I'm going with #4 (but it was super tight w/#14) <3

  7. You got to be kidding me…pick a favorite….love them all…but if I have to choose…#4 .#5, #7 #13 and #14 because it was one I picked to draw so if I have to pick just one I will go with #14…..he hardly ever takes a bad picture….Love me some Clay!

  8. There is just no way I can pick a favorite. They are all amazing! Each picture tells a story…Clay is a great person to photograph and the photographers are wonderful too!

    Thank you for these wonderful pictures and the great quotes!

  9. They all are gorgeous, because Clay is. If I pick a few i have to go with #2, #3, #4, #8 and #11.

    Thank you for all those great pics.

  10. I always got the feeling that Clay was uncomfortable with posing for photos when he first began his career. Thing have certainly changed now. I love #9, 3 & 8. Of course any photo of Clay is fine with me.

  11. I do love them all. 10 years of pics of Clay…He has certainly matured nicely. I do love #14 though, but I do love them all.

  12. I like #1, 2, 5 & my favorite is #14!

    *Starts Singing* (And inserts other words instead of "Song")

    Strumming my pain with his fingers…
    Singing My Life With His Words…
    Killing Me Softly With His Looks…
    Killing Me Softly…
    With His Looks!

    *Stops Singing*

    #14 is SEX-AY!!!!!

    Swoon, Melt *THUD* What a handsome, STUD!!!!!!

  13. #14 is my fave. I like that you bring us informative blogs, but sometimes some hawt photos are all that's needed. 😀

  14. These are the ones that jump out and make the heart flutter #2, #3, #4, #5, #13. I stared and admired #5 the longest, but I won't pick one because it is not fair to the rest of the georgeous pics, which are excellent eye candy too. Anything w Clay in it makes me happy a finger or hand would do too!

  15. Musicfan, are you going to announce the results or rank the pictures? Would be interesting to know what we like collectively. 🙂

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