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The UNICEF Tap Project is a nationwide campaign that provides clean water and adequate sanitation to children around the world. With just $5, UNICEF can give one child safe drinking water for 200 days. Currently, UNICEF works in more than 100 countries around the world to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities and to promote safe hygiene practices. Since 1990, thanks to the work of UNICEF and its partners, more than 2 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water.

No one can survive without water. Yet nearly 800 million people do not have safe, clean water to drink, and more than 2.5 billion people live without a proper toilet. The lack of these basic necessities isn’t just inconvenient—it’s lethal. Every day, nearly 4,000 children under the age of five die of water-borne diseases. Through the UNICEF Tap Project and your social network, you can help stop these needless deaths.

The UNICEF Tap Project now lives on its own Facebook app, making it even easier to join the campaign. You can quickly donate to, support, and share the Tap Project—turning your social network into a water network! Here are three steps to join the Tap Project and help provide clean water to children around the world.

  1. Visit to access the water network.
  2. Choose to donate $5 to the UNICEF Tap Project via text message or PayPal. With just $5, UNICEF can give one child safe drinking water for 200 days.
  3. Choose two Facebook friends to receive water and the opportunity to donate.

Join us, let your family and friends know about the UNICEF Tap Project, and help us get to a day where ZERO children are deprived of clean water.

How Water-Wise Are You?
Random facts from UNICEF

Did you know……….

  • that about two-thirds of your body is made up of water?
  • on average, people in the U.S. use more than 100 gallons of water a day, while people in most developing countries use less than 2 gallons a day.
  • it costs UNICEF only $37 to provide a water filter, purifier, and disinfectant that can be used by an entire village.
  • if you shorten your shower by 1 or 2 minutes, you could save up to 700 gallons of water per month.

The Tap Project has been an active concern of Clay Aiken. As an Ambassador for UNICEF, Clay made a great video about the children of the world and the Tap Project in March 18, 2008. He hit the entertainment media and TV shows like Entertainment Tonight and  talked to each of them about this wonderful project. It is wonderful to see a celebrity who is passionate about making the world a better place.  Take a look!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Making The World A Better Place

  1. Unicef is a GREAT charity. I'm so glad they chose Clay to be one of their Ambassadors. He truly represents all that they are.

  2. What a sweet guy Clay is! he does such wonderful work in helping people, God bless him.
    Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. I can’t even imagine not having clean water and sanitation. UNICEF does great work and I’m so proud of Clay for doing what he can to help.

  4. Clay doing what Clay does best – Care about children everywhere! God Bless him indeed!

    Clay has also helped me to remember UNICEF so much more than I did before!! Thank you Clay!

    Thank you, too, Musicfan!

  5. Makes tears come to your eyes when you think of how CLAY cares for the less fortunate , especially kids.He does what he can with what he has ,with the help of his fans. Those who have more ,do less.They need to take lessons from him ,instead of ignoring & criticizing.JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED.He is a rare breed.We could all take lessons from him.

  6. Clay is a very compassionate person…and it shows in all the work he does with Unicef. I remember all of these video's from his many travels around the world. I am very proud to be a fan of this man.

  7. You can see the joy in Clay's face when he is doing his Ambassador duties. Clay has always believed in giving back, and making the world a better place. He just doesn't talk about it…he carries through and helps whenever he can. Clay is a good man, and I am so proud to be a fan.

  8. Thanks as always for sharing, Musicfan123! Glad to see that Clay is a very STRONG supporter of this! Just putting my two cents in: Last picture: NOT digging the blonde locks. I thought he looked better in black locks & whatever colors he had during AI, MOAM, MCWL & ATDW. But I will say, he looks sex-ay in glasses & argyle!

    See You Later,


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