Clay Aiken – See The Magic First-Hand


Today Is The First Day of Spring! 

 “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’”

~ Robin Williams ~

Spring brings hope and as Clay Aiken fans, we have many hopes.

First, we hope that Clay is enjoying spring with his family and friends and that his life is full of love and laughs.

Secondly, we hope that we will know some of the new adventures in Clay’s professional life “soon.”

And lastly, we hope that “soon” we will be back on the road with our friends, traveling to see Clay.  Everybody needs to experience Clay in person and see the magic first-hand.

I love this performance by Clay.

 I hope you do too!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – See The Magic First-Hand

  1. I've always LOVED "Back For More" Why oh why didn't he get to record it along with all those "new" songs that were in the works for his new album??? Grrr! Plus I wasn't able to comment on yesterdays blog. Oh Em Gee! I haven't seen those clips from AI2 in a looong time! There were so many of them! Thank you musicfan! I didn't realize they could all be seen on youtube like that! I was there from "take" and sooo upset on the finale night just like CApp. Clay was tweeting again last night, but not 30 times like the night before. Why can a bunch of us pool our money together and BUY HIS DAMN HOUSE?! HAHAHAHA! Poor guy…. he just wants to downsize!

  2. I agree Gaymarie, I love this song and wish it had been on his album, also i feel bad that he can't sell his home, surely there must be someone who'll buy it, it looks beautiful, anyway, hang in there Clay it will happen on day. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. Loved "Back For More" as well. I guess Clive Davis made sure that all the new music that Clay had recorded, was not going to happen. There was Clay on tour in 2005, giving us new songs in concert, only to realize that it was scrapped. Back for More was fabulous on his tour. We were so excited about this song. I'm sure it would have even been a bigger hit that Invisible. It was great!!!

    Yes, I hope Clay sells his home soon. He just wants to move back to Wake county, where he can voice his opinion on the school board.

  4. Back for More was my favorite song during Jukebox…..would have been perfect for radio airtime!! Maybe if he does a Jukebox 2 he'll include it! Happy Easter everyone…hugs Cookie

  5. iliked back for more i sure hope soon that clay can sell his house i feel sad that he cant sell his home there must be someone who wold want clay aikns house it sure looks beautufull anyhow please hang in there clay

  6. I also enjoyed "Back For More" on JBT. This was the last tour I saw him on actually. And truthfully. I was not a big fan of this song, I liked A Thousand Days a LOT better, and was SO glad it ended up on ATDW. IMO (In My Opinion), ATDW is the best Clay Album EV-AH! Sorry, just putting my two cents in!! Thanks as always, Musicfan123 for posting all the news!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Friend,


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