Clay Aiken – “You’re The One They’ve Got To Beat”


I enjoyed being on-line last night.  Clay Aiken received lots of replies and re-tweets responding to his tweet about the Top 11 performance on American Idol.  So…on Monday night, Clay responded to almost 50 tweets.  Clay, you made a lot of people very happy!

I do hope that each of you took a moment to re-tweet Clay’s original tweet.  Even if you reply, re-tweet too.  The numbers are important and re-tweets are counted.  It takes about 10 seconds to re-tweet and it lets Clay and the world know that he has lots of dedicated fans!

“Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight

Someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight.”

Those beautiful lyrics were sung by Clay Aiken on March 18, 2003. It was “Movie Night” on Season 2 and each contestant sang one of their favorite songs from a movie soundtrack.

Joining the regular judges, Simon, Randy and Paula, was Gladys Knight. She was introduced to the audience as the lady who sang the theme for the James Bond movie, “License to Kill.” Gladys was a great support to all the performers and quietly encouraged the group. That night, she gave Ruben the nickname of the “Velvet Teddy bear.”

The performances on this particular night ranged from Kimberley Locke singing “Home” from The Wiz, to Kimberly Caldwell singing “The Shoop Shoop Song.”

The highlight of the evening was “Somewhere Out There” from An American Tail. Clay sang it beautifully. It was a good song choice since it showed off his remarkable range and it was popular with people of all ages.

The judge’s comments were very positive:

Randy: “….the power, the range……this is good…… did your thing baby”

Paula: “…..another one… are effortless with your voice….you are so natural…Congratulations”

Gladys: “….you’re a mystery… have your own look, there’s something very magical about your look….and your voice is so pure…..I don’t know in the contemporary world what is going to happen with you, but something exceptional is gonna happen with you along the way, cause you are so pure.”

Simon: “…..I think after tonight, you’re the one they’ve got to beat.”

It was a great night for Clay and an exciting time for all of his fans.

The following night, the audience was given a full hour of the results show. There was lots of talking by assorted people and verbal sparring between Ryan and Randy.

One of the highlights of the show was the group song, “Footloose.” The contestants performed it with a lot of energy and they moved all over the theater. They worked well as a team and their voices blended well together.

Finally, the audience found out who was in the bottom three. Josh, Trenyce, and Ricky were safe, but the next person, Julia, was in the bottom three. Clay was called next and Ryan says: “America is in love with you.” After Clay, Ruben, Carmen, Kim L. and Kim C. are all declared safe, Corey and Charles joined Julia in the bottom three.

Sadly, Charles was eliminated on Movie Night. After singing an encore of his song, “You Can’t Win” from The Wiz, the hour show was over.

Although this was only the second episode of this popular show, it was already obvious who the leaders were going to be and the audience let the performers know that Clay and Ruben were loved.

The following video shows a question and answer session, Clay’s performance with the judges comments, and the group performances, a trip to Old Navy and the first look at the mansion.  It’s really fun to see it all in one place…But, don’t forget to give the video at Clay OFC some plays too.


Did you see this show when it first aired on Fox?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “You’re The One They’ve Got To Beat”

  1. Hi Musicfan, thank you for bringing the memories back. I've watched the entire episodes of the AI2 and never missed a thing. I'm proud to be a part of those 10 years of following Clay. Love those comments of Simmon "You're the one to beat" and comments from Glady's "You are PURE & MAGICAL"

  2. I think I'm one of the few in Clayland that don't remember any of this. All I remembered was secretly rooting for Clay at the end but Ruben won and that was it. I wasn't the kind that idolises, you know? I don't remember any details!!! Waaahhh… 🙁 I did see all the videos in 2009 – Does that count? 😛 Love this trip down your memory lane. Fun reading tweets and ppl telling their stories. Awesome night!!!

    • I dont remember all the details either. But like you I remember knowing that there was no way Clay wasnt winning. All the judges were rooting for Clay.Gladys Knight was very prophetic.There is monumental greatnessin his life.It has started and in the years to come it will grow even more.I hope I get to see him for many more years.

    • Anna,

      Don't feel too bad, sweetie! I also don't remember ANY of these performances! The ONLY performances I remember is from the Final 2. And I had to go to work up in Detroit, so I never got through to VOTE! BOO!!!! And I remember the next night when Ryan announced that Ruben "The Velvet Teddy Bear" Stud-dard was the winner! BOO!!! And I remember driving up to work, sobbing my eyes out, b/c Clay hadn't won!!!!!! And I think it was that night, I had asked my folks when everyone came to Detroit in July, could we go and see them? And they considered it & said, "Yes." Then I think it was the next week, I went to see "Finding Nemo" with my ex-roommate and asked if she had followed the show and she said, "YES! I LOVED Clay!" And that's when I made a CHOICE to become obsessed with him, b/c SHE was obsessed! Boy, what a mistake that was! I became even more obsessed with him, seeing him in Detroit. And I didn't climb off the "Clay Hamster Wheel" until Christmas Eve 2004, when my parents & grandma threatened me, and said, "This has gone WAY too far & we're giving you an ultimatum: Choose She-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named & not have ANY more support from us… OR Choose Your Family, and we will continue to love, support, & help you in ANY way that we can!" Then they made me go back to my condo & spend the night there, to get it through my head, that they were EXTREMELY SERIOUS! Fortunately, I chose the second choice and haven't looked back since! Well, now that I've told you my whole story on Clay, thus writing a novel in the process, I'll shut up now!!!

      So, don't worry if you can't remember this, as I said, I can't remember it either!

      Have A Good Night!

      Your Friend,


  3. I was glued to the TV for AI2. Was so excited to hear what Gladys Knight said about Clay. Who would have thought that it would indeed come true! It must have been so exciting to sit in the audience and see and hear the contestants back when Idol just beginning. Here we are 10 yrs later and still enjoying the Clay magic.

  4. i graduated from high school and then andy gibb died and then season 2 came of americian idol i was glued to the tv watching clay as he sang and sang i also was excited to hear what cladis knightand simon had said to clay gladis nightsaid you are pure and magicial and simon said your the one to beat i was rutting for clay so much then i herd those disapoint words from ryan sea crest and the winner of season 2 is rubin and i was upset and angry i do how ever love the trip down memery lane and here i am 10 years later stilamaxed at clay at his singing and his magic

  5. Musicfan, Thanks much for the article and for the video link. Lucky 'Day 1' fans who were 'here' from the beginning and experienced all of the fun and excitement of seeing Clay on Idol week after week. 🙂 Have seen all of Clay's Season 2 Idol performances a few er……um…….hundred times. *g* Always a pleasure to watch the gift that Is Clay Aiken. Thanks again.

  6. I love all your videos Clay, The Judge's knew you had what it takes to win this competition I just don't understand why you didn't win it……

  7. Twitter was a lot of fun last night. I hope those young fans on twitter will turn into listeners of Clay's radio show.

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