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Have you ever bought anything on QVC?  I didn’t know much about QVC until Clay Aiken was a guest on the show on April 28, 2008.  This was the first and only time I bought something from QVC.

Joseph M. Segel, founder of The Franklin Mint, created the electronic retailer QVC in June of 1986.   The company began broadcasting on November 24, 1986 and sold $7,400 worth of merchandise. Since then, QVC—it stands for “Quality, Value, Convenience”—has become one of America’s largest jewelry retailers and a leading importer of Irish goods, and has earned other superlatives too numerous to elaborate.

Do you remember when Clay was on the show?  The following pictures are from his visit to the show.

Did you watch Clay on QVC?

Which of these pictures is your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Selling CD’s

  1. I watched, taped, and ordered – – never bought anything from there before or since watching Clay on
    the QVC. I was so excited to talk to the man that took my order and when it arrived in the mail.
    My favorite pics are 1 and 2 – he always looks very handsome!

  2. Once again, I can't make up my mind as to which picture is my favourite. Clay shows so much emotion on his face. From joy, being lost in the moment, but whatever moment, he always brings a smile to my face when I see him. I did watch the show after it was taped, cause we don't get it up here in Canada. I couldn't have watched it anyways, because I was travelling by train back home to Toronto after seeing Clay in Spamalot all weekend!!

  3. oooooooooowhat a beautiful, sexy man Clay is, i've watched QVC with Clay singing all the songs from that album, he's still such a great singer! Sorry, but can't pick a favorite photo, they are all gorgeous! Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. There was pure excitement in Clay Nation that day! We were all glued to our TV's, with credit card numbers in hand. It was such FUN! I wish Clay would put out a new CD and reappear on QVC with it. As to which is my favorite pic, they ALL are. He looked so darling in all of them.

  5. I watched but I didn’t order because I’d already pre-ordered the cd from Amazon at the time. I can’t tell you how much I love Where I Draw the Line. It’s my favorite Clay song from my favorite Clay cd. The pictures are all so handsome….sigh.. 🙂

  6. oowhat a amazing man clay aiken is i saw him on qvc with clay singing the songs from that new cd he always looks handsome hes stil such a amazing singer and i cant for the life if me pick a photo cause there al so incredable to look at

  7. Yes, I did watch, tape and order the CD from QVC. I'm sure Clay drove down to the QVC studios from NYC during the time he was in Spamalot. Loved his look as a blond with his hair long. Can't choose just one photo…I do favor #3 with Clay's dreamy look.

  8. didnt see this. THANK YOU!love all of them. 4,5,and6 the best.was this the same time as Paula Deen?I feel so blessed to have been to his concert on DEC 1.Clay uplifts so many people so much!

  9. The close up is my favorite one. I watched Clay when he was on QVC. Of course I watch every show Clay is on.

  10. Oh, yes, Clay on QVC. With that blond hair…he was just too gawgeous for words. I still remember the girl who was the Host…she was all fangirly arouind him…and can you blame her? I never bought a single thing from QVC..till clay was on the show…I ordered his deluxe Album. I have never bought anything since.

    My favorite picture is #3. When he sang "Something About Us." it was just like heaven. That is my favorite album too. I am listening to it right now. Sure wish he would tour with this album. Love the video..and the song, "Where I Draw The Line." Another one of my favorites.

  11. Love handsome Clay with his blonde hair. I'm thinking the lady Host of the QVC show did too. She couldn't resist getting all fangirly over him. Clay's singing was magnificent and he looked absolutely awesome. I did watch the show on my TV. Pictures #2 with Clay looking straight on, and #5 with an animated Clay are my favorites.

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