Clay Aiken – Do You Remember Boston?

It’s always fun to remember special appearances by Clay Aiken.

JukeBox Tour – Boston – Bank of America Pavilion

August 28, 2005







Which picture is your favorite?

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Your Videos Are Always Great!

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  1. That was great! Just love those videos! Clay does a great job always, happy that his videos are on Utube and can be watched anytime. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  2. Clay looks like he is having a blast in #6. I did like him in the leather jacket doing the '50's music during the JBT. What fun that tour was!

  3. I loved this tour! I l love all the pictures-as usual-but # 1 and #2 are my most favorite. Thanks for the pictures and the videos. They bring back some great memories.

  4. Absolutely love those two 50's medley videos. From an amazingly beautiful color perspective, I choose picture # 6 as my favorite. Another reason though, is that I consistently show special appreciation for any photo showing Clay in action. He definitely appears to be enjoying himself in that one.

  5. Adore all of the pictures; love all of the JBT concerts. I wish I'd been 'here' to see one of them; and, I'm so grateful to those who were at the concerts, captured Clack and shared their clips with us so we can all watch them whenever we'd like. Thank you for posting the video links, Musicfan; much appreciated.

  6. I love #1 in the Bing Crosby hat.and Clay is whipping their butts in the poll!!! he has 49% and the others have 1or 2% , NO SURPRISE!!!

  7. First of all, A BIG shout out to Wowzers4Clay! Your videos are amazing, girl! And thanks for bringing back good memories of him by posting this blog, MusicFan123! As far as the pictures are concerned, I like # 3 the best, b/c he's looking almost directly at the camera, his hair is perfectly done, and he's in contacts. And honestly, that makes me all hot & bothered! He's looking sex-ay!!!!! I've ALWAYS had a "thing" for guys that have green eyes! This was the last time I saw him on tour, the first time was AI 2 Tour ! Wishing he would reprise this tour again! Love him, love him, love him "Always and Forever!"

    Thanks Again For Posting, MusicFan123 & Wowzers4Clay!

    Love Ya, Mean It!


  8. Thank you for the shout outs, Musicfan and Ellison. I love playing with the clips and it's always fun to share them. And thank you to Kta, Nebclayfan, Claynadian and Hopefulee8 as well. I'm glad you all enjoyed the videos.

  9. Much appreciation for w4clay, for not just these but all the videos and his own utube channel, clay anytime,all the time thanks to you. Keep up the good work always exciting to see what you will bring us next

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