Clay Aiken – Commands The Stage!

Can you believe?  It is just a week since Clay Aiken made his debut as Man In A Chair.  The production of The Drowsy Chaperone by the North Carolina Theatre was a huge success and received glowing reviews from both the audience members and the theatre reviewers.  Their week-long run was just not enough.

I found a wonderful blog about The Drowsy Chaperone.  The writer, Peter Hilliard wrote the following about the Man In The Chair and the requirements needed for an actor to make the character work:

Man in Chair:
This is a tour-de-force role for a comic actor. He has to be able to sing, but only enough to just carry a tune at the end. The important thing is that he can command the stage for the whole show; he makes or breaks the evening. There is a tricky monologue at the end that pivots from tragicomedy to tragedy to comedy on a dime, and not everyone can pull it off. When he came and spoke to our Villanova audience Bob Martin said that he considered the show a tragic monologue interspersed with some funny numbers. An amusing remark, to be sure, but it really is a story about the Man In The Chair and his relationship with a record. That record has replaced any kind of functional relationship in reality. It’s hard to play that well, and if you have somebody just playing it for laughs, the show has very little meaning.

What an important role…and Clay was amazing in the role!    You can read Peter Hilliard’s entire blog by clicking HERE

A big thank-you to Canfly for the following pictures.  They are amazing!!  Please do NOT copy these pictures on FaceBook.

Doesn’t it look like Clay is having fun?

Would you like to see Clay do another show on Broadway?

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Commands The Stage!

  1. TY Musicfan as always, such great articles about such great reviews. Clay is a gifted entertainer in all genres' . He transforms into his character and takes you on the journey with him. Canfly those pictures are amazing; TY so much for sharing. How blessed we fans are to have people like you to keep us informed and entertained with your postings and pictures. Forever Appreciative!!

  2. Yes, I would love to see him back on Broadway! He's not only a great singer. He's a great actor as well! I just got back yesterday from a fews days in Raleigh and thoroughly enjoyed this musical. It was nice to see old and new firends! I'm ready for the next one.

  3. Love the photos of Clay and would love to see him in a Broadway play, if only I could have seen this one (sigh). Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. You ask if I would like to see Clay Aiken do another Broadway show? You bet I would! In a NY minute. He stole the show in Spamalot which I was fortunate to see a number of times, and from what I have read, he did the same in The Drowsy Chaperone. Clay has what it takes to pull off any role he undertakes. Now lets all hope and pray he is offered a wonderful singing role in another play on Broadway which imo, is where he shines most!

  5. I'd LOVE to see Clay do another Broadway show. I want him in the lead in a new musical comedy written specifically for Clay, with lots and lots of singing by Clay, of course. I'm an optimisitc dreamer, but I truly believe this can happen.

  6. I would love to see him in another Broadway Show – but if I'm being selfish I would say I would
    rather he do Tours because I may not be able to go to a Broadway event – I know he would be just
    as amazing as in TDC. Ultimately whatever is good for him I will be very happy with – if he is happy
    that is the most important for me.
    Thank you Musicfan – for all that you do and yes, Clay looks very happy in those pics – just wished I
    could have seen him in the play!!

  7. those pics of clay from the drosey shaparone are amazing id lovit if clay wold do anther boadway show id like to see clay in a singing musicial just singing

  8. I would love to see Clay do another Broadway show! He is a natural actor, but would love to have him sing like he wants to.

  9. a big yes to both questions.Clay is always great in everything he does. and thank you for yje beautiful Mothers day post you did Musicfan. I always enjoy hearing you.

  10. I would love for Clay to be in a new Broadway Show. But, I would like him to have a singing a brand new show where he is the main star…and wins a Tony for it. Ooooops! Got a little ahead of myself there for a minute. But, I would like him to sing…sing…sing in a Broadway Show.

  11. Clay was perfect for this role and it was a delight to see the production. He is a multi-talented person and I would love to see him on Broadway again also. Thanks for the great pictures! They are so good!

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