Clay Aiken – Receiving High Praise For His Performance

It is exciting to see that the positive reviews of the North Carolina Theatre’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone are continuing to be published.  The production was a critical success and most of the critics feel it was one of the best shows in the history of the NC Theatre.

There were two interesting articles that were published on Tuesday.

Garrett Canna writes a blog titled Theatrically Musing.  He graded each actor and section of the production as a report card.  He said the following about Clay:

Clay Aiken: A
I’ll admit I was hesitant at seeing yet another singer try to act. The results can range from Beyonce Knowles all the way to Katherine McPhee in Smash. Aiken is the former, turning in a fully realized performance, a feat made all the more impressive since he only goes offstage once during the show’s two hour running time (and even then, it’s only for two or three minutes). His Man In Chair is positively joyous and bursting with charm. The character’s mental breakdown near show’s end was played with devastating understatement and almost no angst-ridden camp. Seems like Spamalot’s producers weren’t too far off the mark when they hired him to play Lancelot near the end of its Broadway run. (UPDATE: It seems that Clay Aiken played Sir Robin in Spamalot, and not Lancelot. My mistake!)

If you are interested in reading the entire blog, click on MUSING

Stagedoor Dish is a site that reports about the theatre throughout the world.  The following article was written by one of their interns.  I am surprised that they did not mention Clay’s role in The Drowsy Chaperone, however, they do have some fun ideas in the article.

An ‘American Idol’ on Broadway: Five roles that Clay Aiken should take on in a return to the stage

On April 18, the season two runner-up of American Idol returned to the television show that put him on the map, belting out Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” while the country swooned and cried.  (Okay, maybe it was mostly just me.)

That’s right, Claymates: Clay Aiken has returned!

Since his American Idol days in 2003, Aiken has released six studio albums and has toured the country numerous times, selling out huge concert venues while skyrocketing to superstardom.  His hit singles include “Invisible” and “Measure of a Man,” and he is noted also for his powerful rendition of “Unchained Melody.”

Aiken also founded his own charity, the National Inclusion Project, which promotes the integration of children with disabilities and non-disabled children.  On the 2012 edition of The Celebrity Apprentice, the last television program Aiken had been seen on until his return to Idol, he fought to raise money for his charity and made it all the way to the final two, finishing in second place behind Arsenio Hall

One of Aiken’s biggest achievements was his Broadway debut. In 2008, he portrayed the role of Sir Robin inSpamalot, receiving high praise for his performance.  He was also recently named “Broadway’s Best Idol” in a poll conducted by

With Aiken’s undeniable stage presence, charming disposition, and many talents, it’s clear to many of us that he belongs on the Great White Way.  There could be a number of opportunities for him to make a return to the stage.  In fact, here are a few ideas I would suggest:

1. Thenardier in Les Miserables. He has the impeccable comedic timing and vocal range this role demands, so why not cast him in the 2014 revival?  Give him some fake teeth and a few bottles of wine and Aiken would be a great “Master of the House”!

2. The Baker in Into the Woods. Unlike Les Miserables, there’s no Broadway revival of this musical on the horizon.  However, there is a film adaptation planned for next year.  It would be lovely to hear his take on “It Takes Two”, and he could bring something light-hearted yet genuine to the role.

3. Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. The goofy and loveable florist would be a fantastic part for Aiken to play. It’s not too soon for a revival, and maybe another Idol alum could be enticed to play his Audrey! (I’m looking at you, Diana DeGarmo!)

4. Jimmy Winter in Nice Work If You Can Get It. Aiken would be phenomenal as the wealthy and absurdly funny 1920s playboy. With the swinging Gershwin score and snappy Kathleen Marshall choreography, audiences would be in for a treat if Aiken were to take on this role.

5. Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatRemember the seventh season of American Idol which included an Andrew Lloyd Webber-themed night?  Unfortunately, Aiken was not a part of that season, so we missed out on the possibility of his singing “Close Every Door”, but if he played this role, there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house during that number, and we all know that “dazzling coat of many colors” would be a perfect fit!

Clay simply can’t come back to Broadway soon enough. What do you think?  What roles would you like to see the former American Idol contestant take on?  Let me know in the comments!

I do hope you will visit the site and leave a comment.  It is a great way to let the site know you like to read about Clay and that you enjoyed the article.  You can see the article at STAGEDOOR

Here are a few more pictures from The Drowsy Chaperone.  The photographer said:

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I hope you will respect the photographer!  

Which picture is your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Receiving High Praise For His Performance

  1. What magnificent articles about Clay and Broadway ! The pics are always all excellent – but I like the
    pensive mood of Clay in 2 and 7. Amazing man!

  2. Of course I will respect the Photographer !!!! I Love All Of The Photos, Especially the last one, Clay Receiving His Recognition, EXCELLENT !!!!!! I still think Clay Deserves an A+ !!!!! 🙂 🙂
    Love You Clay,
    Always And Forever

  3. What lovely photos of the play, I can't pick a favorite – too hard, they're all loveable of Clay. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. what realy magnifacint articles about clay and broadway the picks are always amazing the pic ilike is clay p;encive mood in 2and 7

  5. All the pictures are great and they do convey different emotions. The two that I favor are #2 – with Clay thoughtfully pondering his past life, and # 5 – with Clay expressing sadness and regret. Even though we rarely, if ever, notice Clay revealing those emotions in real life, they nonetheless are excellent portrayals of their intended meanings. Clay is a superb actor, etc., etc., etc.!

  6. Fabulous article. I truly believe Clay would be excellent in all the roles you mentioned. From observing all the realms of his talents, I believe he could do most anything.

  7. I heard that Matthew Broderick is leaving Nice Work If You Can Get It. What a wonderful opportunity it would be for Clay if he were to be asked to take over that role!

  8. The last one by a mile…the admiration, pride, and affection on Beth Level's face during Clay's bow warms my heart. That type of admiration and affection is what I have always wanted for Clay. All the reports of his fun times with cast and family off stage was icing on the cake. To see and hear him laugh, smile, and sing is wonderful! He deserves peace, privacy, prosperity, projects and R E S P E C T.

  9. Such great articles. Thanks for posting them Musicfan. I sure would llove to see Clay on Broadway. I can totally see him in Into the Woods.

    I love all the pictures but two and four are my favorites.

  10. I just love #2. He may look very sad and like he is thinking…but, he also looks very beautiful. That would be a good part for Clay to Play…Jimmy Winter in Nice Work If You Can Get It. But, I did read that June 20 is the last day of that show. All of the above parts would be even better with Clay in them. Thanks for this informative article.

  11. All the pictures are great. I would have to say #s 2 & 7 caught my eye. As far as Clay being on Broadway, put him in anything/anytime and he will be Fantastic!!!!!

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