Clay Aiken – It’s The Outfit!

We have been lucky to see Clay Aiken in so many wonderful photographs.  Each time, his outfits have been varied and fun.

Lets take this time of Clay’s vacation to choose our favorite outfit on Clay.  Remember, this is the outfit, not the smile, not the event, not the sparkling eyes…oh…this is going to be hard!!

Please leave a comment to let us know what picture you chose and why!













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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s The Outfit!

    • Me, too, exactly same and almost in same order, except mine is #7, then #9, and then #1 before #4 — that black suit looked so great on him, Paula was beside herself, lol.

  1. I voted for 1 but I like all of 1, 5, 7 and 11. Just saying. I NEED to vote more than one. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. 😀

  2. oh, this is difficult. I noticed Clay recycled his shirt in #5 & #7. Love him for always doing that.
    I do love that suit jacket in #10. I remember him wearing it for Bringing Broadway Home, then on "The View" promoting UM, then last Christmas Tour he wore it. Very classy. I love his taste in clothes…always a little bit different..but that is what I love about him.

  3. Oh, it is hard — I love all of them for different reasons — but have to agree that Clay looks fabulous in a suit. That said, however, I'm going to add an "Other" because one of my fave suits is not here — the black one w/long coat, stripy shirt, polka-dot satin tie he wore at AMAs (when he won Fan's Choice, which he has said is his fave award) — and a few of my fave outfits are not suits: First — teal-blue shirt and tie w/Fedora in Independent Tour!! Also, blue pullover for first Christmas shoot, and bright green pullover for LTS book signing (Chicago in winter!). Anybody else remember these??

  4. I love CLAY with SHORT HAIR and any outfit. Long hair is not my favorite in any outfit. Sticking up or not, he needs to keep it short, unless he is doing a role, and then he can wear a hairpiece. edited

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