Clay Aiken – Amazing Business Looks!


Throughout the last 10 years, Clay Aiken has been in the public eye.  He has always displayed a huge talent and heart.  However, he has been an enigma when it has come to his wardrobe.  You just can never guess what he might wear!

However, when he became a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, Clay dressed for success each week.  Maybe he read  According to askmen:

In the world of business attire, it has been said to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. So, you should be dressing to the nines every day.

Or maybe he read ECGlink that says:

In business, your clothing and grooming should not distract. Rather, they should direct attention to your face and particularly your eyes. When you connect with someone else’s eyes, they tend to listen…

…In a corporate setting, the way you dress speaks volumes about who you are as a business communicator.  Regardless of who you really are, your clothes and body language always speak first.

The following are some of the amazing business looks that Clay wore on Celebrity Apprentice.  Which one is your favorite?










Certainly dressed for success!!

Which look is your favorite?

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Amazing Business Looks!

  1. I usually manage to pick a favorite or two – or three – – with the pics you post of Clay. But, this time I
    cannot!!! I simply love every single outfit – he was certainly dressed for success – and you can't
    help but direct your eyes to his – they speak volumes – straight to his soul! Then there is his smile – –
    – – <3

  2. Great pictures. Why, when there is an article about Clay. Do the papers choose the lousiest pictures to post. Love his looks here.

  3. As always hard to choose a favorite, 1, 2 and 8 but they're all great except for 7. Thanks musicfan xox.

  4. Oh boy you are killing me this morning with photos of that magnificant man! Hmmm Clay in a sharp suit vs Clay in a loin cloth? What to choose, what to choose! I DO love him in a sharp suit and you've picked ALL my favorites! He coulda been a model!

  5. Thanks for the fun, musicfan! Btw, remember in an interview, he said every outfit he wore on CA was chosen and laid out for him every [show] morning; otherwise, he was so tired he couldn't have found anything and would've shown up in his pajamas, lol…
    But none of these suits is as classy as his "This is the Night" outfit, which even news anchors copied for years!!
    My fave look of his on CA was finale night; he was so gorgeous he actually took me by surprise (just change in haircut, LOL); but the outfit doesn't look businesslike in this pic of him and Arsenio… from the outfits here, I think I like #2 best (plus he looks so scrubbed; clean, adorable — but young!)

  6. The outfit that speaks the most to me is #3 – the vested grey striped suit with blue shirt and black tie. It definitely says I have arrived. Another standout and second choice, is #1 – the dark brown striped suit with the lilac colored shirt and purple paisley tie. It looks really great on Clay.

    If we were talking only ties, the ones I like best are #1 and #7. Generally, I love a print colored but not gaudy tie as an accessory. Don't want to take my eyes off of the face for too long. Nice photos. Thanks!

  7. I can't pick just one-impossible to do. #1 if great because I love to see Clay in purple. It goes well with his fair skin. #3 is a slick, polished business look on Clay. In other words, he cleans up well. Very, very well. Lastly I have to go with #5. I mean a real man isn't afraid of a pink shirt!

  8. If the question is which outfit on CA was "dressed for success", then the answer (hands down bottom line) is the power play red tie and dark suit. #6 and #8 is MEOW!!

    If the question is which outfit from Celebrity Apprentice was the most memorable, then the answer (in my humble opinion) is not in your pictures. The dark suit coat down to his knees with the bright yellow tie. He looked like the Clay of 2003 and they finally did his hair right!!

    PS – I didn't think of it before but it looks like Clay is taller than Arsenio.

  9. I love them all. But, my pick is #3. I just love the striped suit and vest look. Very professional.

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