Clay Aiken – Learning New Things Everyday!

I have been a fan of Clay Aiken for more than 10 years.  It has always been amazing how much I have learned because of Clay.  Some things are important…Inclusion, bullying, UNICEF…some are interesting because of his career…and other things are just fun to learn!

Over the last few days I have learned a lot about the Southern Coast of Maine…especially the town of Ogunquit.  As many of you already know, Clay will be spending about a month in the area as he performs at the Ogunquit Playhouse.

Ogunquit is a friendly little beach and artist colony on the southern coast of Maine. Ogunquit, whose Indian name means “beautiful place by the sea,” boasts a three-mile stretch of white sand beach, framed by grassy dunes. It is one of the top rated beaches in the USA. Ogunquit is only 4 square miles. There are two main sections: the village, and Perkins Cove.

Perkins Cove

One thing to do in Ogunquit is to walk the one-mile Marginal Way from the center of town.  It is a winding foot path, lined with wild rose bushes that wanders high above the cliffs and  overlooks the Atlantic.  There are beautiful vistas and shoreline tidal pools.  It leads to the tiny fishing port of Perkins Cove, an area of lobster shacks and craft shops.

According to the Chamber of Commerce:

The Ogunquit Summer Playhouse is the oldest in Maine.  Started half a century ago in a local garage, it has become one of the premier summer stock theaters on the East coast with its drama school attracting students from around the country. The schedule includes both evening and matinee performances.

Golf, sailing, sea kayaking, biking and whale watching are favorite pastimes. In fact, Money Magazine and Family Fun have both honored the Ogunquit region as one of the top destinations in North America for vacations.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a great place to spend a few weeks?

Since it was announced that Clay would be starring in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, many fans throughout the world are trying to get to Ogunquit to see Clay perform.  Isn’t it exciting to look forward to an amazing theatre experience with Clay Aiken?

Donny Osmond made the role of Joseph exciting.

Are you planning to travel to Ogunquit? 

If so, how long will it take you get there? 

If you can’t make it, lets hope there will be many reports and maybe even a bit of Clack.  All fans, from Iceland to Brazil, from California to Japan, will want to hear and see Clay performing this summer. This Clayfan will be in Ogunquit for the last performance of the run.  We will fly into Boston which is less than 2 hours south of the area. It’s a good excuse to spend a few days learning more about the area!

I am hoping that we might hear something from Clay in the next few days.  It might be a tweet or even a short message on the OFC.  Of course, he must be very busy learning 14 songs and lots of lines…plus moving up north for a month of fun!

As you know, I will update CANN whenever there is new information.

I hope you will check in to see the updated information!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Learning New Things Everyday!

  1. This looks like a most exciting and beautiful place – and with Clay starring in "Joseph and the
    Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" it will be a spectacular place to visit. I already made plans for the
    Gala so I won't be able to attend this event – I am sorry about that – but know all who are able to
    attend will have a splendid time and Clay will be his normal brilliant self!! It will be an amazing visit!

  2. I'm so happy for all the fans who are planning on attending the beautiful city of Ogunquit. I haven't a CLUE how it's pronounced! I'm on the fence as most are because of the cost. I'm not saying I won't be going, but I can't say I will. LOL!! :p

  3. Looking forward to any news you will give us about Clay and the play. Ogunquit sounds like a wonderful place and I'm sure Clay will enjoy being there, that is a place I would love to visit one day. Thanks Musicfan and all others involved for all the news you give us which I look forward to every morning. xox
    Yesterday I watched the movie 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat movie' on utube starring Donny Osmond and it was wonderful! I'm sure Clay will enjoy it.

  4. Ogunquit sounds like a great place. I’m hoping to get up there but I’ve got to talk to work about vacation time tomorrow. Joseph is one of my favorite shows so to see it performed by one of my favorite singers is too good to miss.

  5. looking foward also to anynews you have about clay and this play ongonequit sounds interesting and i hope clay likes it there it sould be a splended time for all iknow some famous singers who have also done this play from donny osmond to andy gibb and anther idol anthony fedorov im sure clay wil do amazingley well

  6. For all the non New Englanders here- it's pronounced Oh-gun-quit as you would say if your gun stopped working- "OH my GUN QUIT!" Sorry- it's the best I could do!

    It is beautiful- former President Bush is not too far from there in Kennebunkport. Maybe 40 mins or so. I have always been told Arcadia National Park is AMAZING but it's 3 hours from Ogunquit. Beautiful seaside location with great food- don't forget to get some LOBSTAH while you are here! I am beyond excited that Clay is coming up to New England. Hopefully he will love it here and come more often-I don't think he could deal with Winter in Maine though! 🙂

    • Thanks for the info!! rotfl Glad he's going to be up your way this time, but we miss him in CA…

  7. I've decided to go and take in four performances, maybe five. All my life I have wanted to go to Maine. It just takes Clay to make me act on my dreams. He is so amazing, and I can't wait to hear his beautiful voice and see him in this performance.

  8. We will be watching Clay perform in Joseph on Wed. 8/7. I just realized that Parker will turn 5 the next day 8/8! How the time flies!

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