Clay Aiken – Lots Of Fun!!

Being a fan of Clay Aiken is lots of fun…It has been especially enjoyable since last Friday when it was announced that Clay would be playing the starring role of Joseph in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Clay fans seem excited, but they are not alone.  The town of Ogunquit seems to love Clay and his up-coming appearance in their beautiful town.  Twitter is full of exciting posts from different businesses in the town and the historic Ogunquit Playhouse is keeping everyone up-dated on what is happening now and what we have to look forward to.  Did you see these tweets from the Playhouse?


And this great organization is even answering tweets from fans who have questions about the area. Yes…they are making Clay and his fans welcome to their area!

So…sign into twitter and join the fun.  And, if you can, why not use #claycation in each tweet.  If we all use it, we just might get Clay or the play to trend on twitter!

On Tuesday, singers braved the chilly weather in San Francisco to get a chance to become the next  American Idol.  According to Chuck Barney at the Contra Costa Times:

A relatively small, but passionate, throng of pop-star wannabes endured long waits and frigid temperatures outside AT&T Park on Tuesday in hopes of landing a coveted spot on Season 13 of “American Idol.”

Based on numbers alone, their chances of making a solid impression in this early audition session appeared to be much better than in years past. The last time “Idol” made a stop in the Bay Area — for Season 10 — long lines snaked around the ballpark and beyond.

This time, the crowd was held to only Willie Mays Plaza in front of the park. Meanwhile, behind AT&T, several long rows of metal barricades set up in anticipation of a massive turnout were all for naught…

Barney went on to say:

It was yet another sign that much of the luster has come off Fox’s venerable reality show. Once, a Nielsen juggernaut that towered over prime time, “Idol” suffered a steep rating decline in Season 12, partially because of a judges panel that lacked chemistry and partially because of the inevitable wear and tear of old age…

I wonder if the numbers will be down in each city?  Maybe they would be wise to announce the new judges soon!  

You can read the entire article by Chuck Barney at IDOL

Do you remember when Clay auditioned for American Idol?  




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  1. Yes, I will be flying from Las Vegas to catch Mr. Joseph Aiken!!! Clay is well-suited to this part, and there will be lots of singing! What else could one ask for an evening of entertainment?

  2. Thanks for all of the news, Musicfan. So exciting hearing all of the tweets by Ogunquit Playhouse in
    anticipation of Clay! Hopefully Claynation will be well represented with many fans from many places.
    Now they will learn to love what we all do for these many years!! <3

    How could anyone not love AI2-Clay – such a cute, funny, sweetheart of a guy! And he could sing, too!

  3. Oh yes I DO remember the first time I saw Clay on AI. When he started with "Take" I was like, who IS this redhead? Afterwards I would always look for that "redhead"! Didn't get to see him much because they didn't think he would last I guess. Too "nerdy" I suppose. Anyway, all that is history on the journey of one Clay Aiken! Look where he is NOW!!!

  4. Hooray! I got tickets to see Clay as Joseph on 8/7 @ 2:30. Now I’ve got to find a place to stay.

  5. So exciting about Clay playing Joseph. He will kill in the role. They certainly are happy about Clay being there…and who could blame them.

    Sure do remember Clay on AI. What a voice. And, to top it off. he is just adorable.

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