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Clay Aiken performed in Miami, Florida in 2004. He and Kelly Clarkson were performing around the country on their Independent Tour.

The audience was loud, excited and appreciative of the two young performers and the wonderful concert they put on for the crowd.

There was something unique about the concert in Miami. Do you remember what it was? Well, it was Clay’s clothing for the night. For some reason, he never wore the outfit again. Personally, it was one of my favorites. Here are a few pictures from the Miami Concert. Which picture is your favorite?










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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tours and Theatre

  1. For obvious reason, I picked #7, lol! So tell me, what was so special/unusual about his clothes that night? Was it because it was so clingy especially when he was all sweaty? Oh my, #fansself!

  2. Loved the green and blue on Clay, and the grey jacket. I'm not sure if I am remembering this correctly or not, but didn't Clay's father pass away that night? (Vernon) They had a concert the next night in Raleigh. Maybe I have it confused, but that is what I remember.

  3. In #5 there are no fans in the seats. Was this a rehearsal? I love when Clay plays around on stage with Angela or Quiana. Clay wore a strange jacket when I saw him perform on that tour. It had unusual blue and striped sleeves, but the sold out crowd loved him!

  4. I think that outfit looked great on him. He has a unique sense of style and maybe this outfit did not
    fit in with his unique fashion sense. I know his birth father did die on that tour and he went ahead with the concert. But I don't remember which concert it was either.
    Thanks for the great pictures!

  5. Love them all, and the blue-and-green, and the sexy When Doves Cry dance, but that shirt-tug of Invisible has gotta be my fave!! Btw, for the first couple of tours, he had a stylist and he said Randy Jackson helped w/choreography.

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