Clay Aiken – A Great Matinee!

Clay Aiken just finished his second show at the Ogunquit Playhouse…the matinee was the last Pre-show.  Tonight is the official opening night!

The following are a few comments about the matinee:



I always love seeing those kinds of messages!

Clay wore a different gold head piece today and gold robe down to the floor. Red confetti at the end of the show.

The gold headdress was better.


Saw press take pics of Clay when he was all dressed in white in the beginning. His hair looks different today, more combed back.


Much more animated and more moves. Very cute . Great audience.


During the Egyptian prison scene, Clay was chained to the floor – there were no jail cell bars like in the DVD.


I loved the “This is how we do it on Egyptian Idol” line – that was hilarious! After the Pharoah made Joseph his no. 2 and another ensemble number was happening, the Pharoah came out wearing a golden, bedecked hardhat and he and Joseph were looking at a blueprint. Clay turned the blueprint around as the Pharoah was looking at it upside down. #engineergeekinme


The brothers were all given tote bags with food and stuff in them near the end. One of the brothers pulled out a t-shirt from his bag. I thought that was funny.


Clay did have a bit of wardrobe malfunction with the golden armor near the end. It looks like the sash was supposed to be tied on his right side, but it wasn’t, and the right epaulet was hanging down behind his shoulder, rather than on it like the left one.


Lots of men at stage door. Clay was so much better today. Better sound. Another standing


At the end of the Elvis the Pharoua act all the stage actors drop to the ground was different from last night. Elvis was more into being Elvis and being flirty with the woman in the front. Hot Hot Hot. His mic went dead for a couple of minutes at the beginning of the Pharoah act. Clay made more goofy faces. Clay was more into playing the role of Joseph. Clay’s vocals were even better than last night. Boy! OMG hit those notes!!!!!! They filled the whole theater. Don’t know the name of the song but it was at near the end of the show. WOW!!!! Clay hit some glory notes!!!!! 


So far, no pictures.  I will add to this post if there are more comments or pictures!

A HUGE Thanks to all for sending comments!  I am sure we all appreciate it!




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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Great Matinee!

  1. I love that tweet. Where are those photos that were taken today? I hope we get to see them real soon.

  2. Thank you so much for bringing all of these messages to us. It's so good to read so much
    positivity! Hope all that are there are loving it more than us not able to be there – it sounds
    "amazing" for sure. Look forward to whatever you have to offer.

  3. Thank you soooo much for sharing all of these details with us. They are important to those of us who can't be there! I really appreciate all you're doing so we can take part in Clay's experience. Being there would be heaven!!!! I am so happy for those who get to hear that amazing voice sing "Any Dream Will Do"! Anxiously awaiting pictures and the like!

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