Clay Aiken – The Official Opening Night!

Thursday Evening, August 1, 2013

Official Opening Night


From jc4aikenheart
There is a sign that says Welcome to fabulous Egypt. Then someone comes on stage and turns the sign around and says what happens here stays here…the audience laughs. The sexy Egyptian wife seduces Clay with her leg then 4 other Eygptian servants all surrounding Clay and take off his extra clothes…the neck and arm brace and then they throw him on the bed and rub his chest back and forth. They are really feeling Clay up and it’s hot!!! She didn’t see that part at the 2:30 show. 

When the brothers sold Clay to slave owners Clay said I don’t know Eygptian. That was funny as they tie and drag him away.


From jc4aikenheart

Clay came out for stage door. Seemed more relaxed and started to talk to some fans. He went down the line very quickly and then poof he was gone.


Standing O and lots of love for the whole cast. Clay got tremendous applause. Clay got a great response. Lots of screaming. Audience was very into the show..laughing and reacting to the stage.


Thank you, Val,  for the great picture!

Official Opening Night – Finale


These are two pictures of the gift shop at the theatre.

That is all I can find right now!  I will add more if I find it.

Check back for more!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Official Opening Night!

  1. Opening night seems like it was grand – so happy for Clay that he is getting a lot of applause and
    attention – enjoying all of the news and pictures – Thank you All!

  2. Thanks for all the info about the play, I've been watching the dvd show and imagining Clay in it, looks like the audience is really enjoying the show. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. Thank you again Musicfan for bringing over all this info…..I love reading about it. So glad we got a picture of Clay in his "whites". This is so exciting!!!! And love that non fans are so enjoying him!!!!

  4. Well I sure have a home for one of those coffee cups, lol! I heard snippits of some songs he sings and he sounds marrrrvelous! 2 weeks from today can't come soon enough!!!

  5. I’m so loving all these reports! Thanks to all who share. Hope the whole run of the show keeps going well.

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