Clay Aiken – A Perfect Ending !

The show on Sunday was amazing.  The entire cast was above and beyond excellent! I was so lucky to be in the audience to see the finale of this wonderful run of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

There were so many outstanding moments in Sunday’s show.  It is still a fog for me so I can’t remember them all.  However these are a few standout for me:

1.  I have always enjoyed watching Kaela and Clay as the interact together on the stage.  But on Sunday, the emotions seemed right out there!  Towards the end, it  seemed that Kaela was really having a difficult time and could not hold in the tears.  She grabbed both of Clays hands tightly while they sang together, still sounding beautiful as they sang together.

2.  Watching the brothers get a standing ovation was amazing.  I loved watching their faces…they were excited, astonished, and in awe of what was happening.

3.   I don’t usually get so emotional that I cry during a performance, but I did on Sunday.  Clay’s performance of Close Every Door was outstanding.  The singing was beautiful as he combined the music and the passion to make the song the highlight of the show!  The standing ovation that he received was well-deserved. The reunion scene between Joseph and Jacob was also emotional and touching.  Both men gave a hug that was just a bit longer and tighter than at other times.

4.  The standing ovation for Clay during the curtain call was long and loud.  There were lots of smiles on both the stage and in the audience.

I know there are many other highlights, but I will share them later when I get home.


Soon after the show was over, Clay tweeted the following:


Clay…we love you too!

This has been such a magical month.  I am so glad that I got to tag on to the last bit of the fun!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Perfect Ending !

  1. I am in tears reading about the beauty and emotion that was displayed at this last show. I would
    have been a real mess if I had been there. Clay is magical – the way he is able to share so much
    love with all that work with him and always create a family situation!

    What a sweet tweet – I love you back! <3, <3

  2. musicfan, I was at work when I got Clay's tweet on my phone. Talk about tearing up! I couldn't SEE for a few minutes. I was welling up and getting very verclempt. At first I was wondering if there was something special that happened in the last show, but now I can see that it was just Clay's way of thanking us and telling us how much he loves us. OMG, can we love him any deeper!

  3. I’m sure it was just an amazing day! I’m so sad that all the fun is over. Clay’s tweet was so sweet. We definitely love that man! 🙂

  4. Thank you to everyone for the pictures, videos, etc . I wish I could have been there in Maine with everyone. I wish it could go on longer. A big thank you to Clay.

  5. That tweet was the frosting on the cake–what a sweet man!
    Thanks for keeping us updated–looking forward to your full recap.
    So glad that you were at the final show and that you are willing to share.

  6. Musicfan, thanks for sharing the final performance of ‘Joseph’ with us. I’m sure Clay made many new friends among the cast and many new fans from the area. I hope this will open up many new doors for Clay on the performance stage. Loved Clay’s tweet. Yes we do love him. Safe trip home.

  7. I was there Sunday (the 25th) and it was truly special/wonderful. The show was entertaining and vibrant. Loved all the children, Keala is a total star, the brothers can dance their buns off, and of course, Clay took the lead with his usual charm and gentle elegance. "Close Every Door" ha the audience on their feet!
    Got to meet quite a few other fans (hello again!) and headed to SD, where I got autographs from Keala, some of the brothers, and yes, Clay too!
    Overall, I had a beautiful experience seeing this show. I am so glad I made the trip to Maine for it!

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