Clay Aiken – ACK! How Can It Be Over?

Hello from Boston, Massachusetts.  This is my last night on the east coast and will be returning home tomorrow.  I have been playing the tourist all day and my computer time has been limited.

Are you still excited about Clay Aiken’s run as Joseph?  I am still smiling after seeing the show this week-end.  I am sure that I will be more organized with my thoughts when I get home and will have more to say!

Tonight, I am posting some stagedoor pictures.  A HUGE thank you to all the photographers who have shared the pictures to us.

The following picture is of Keala Settle who played the narrator in the show.  Check behind her to see the front of a shirt that was given to members of the cast by the owner of the Crab Shack.  The second picture shows the back.  What a fun gift!

The last stage door.

Have any of you seen the musical, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?  If so, where did you see it and who played Joseph?  For those from around the world, has this musical reached your country?


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – ACK! How Can It Be Over?

  1. Saw Joseph with Donny Osmond in Minneapolis, MN many years ago. Took my teen children and we all loved it. We got the sound track and played it a lot. Ha. I think it was a cassette tape.I didn't get to this play with Clay but have read and listened to what I can. It will be sadly quiet for awhile I guess.

  2. I have heard of the play but never saw it nor knew what it was about. I also knew Donny had a nice run and he got great reviews. Before I saw Clay in it, I checked out the movie on youtube. I think I need to go back and do some comparing….lol! Then again, maybe not. What an exciting MONTH it's been!!!

  3. I watched the play 'Joseph' on the dvd I purchased a few weeks ago starring Donny Osmond and it was a great play, enjoyed it, wish I could have seen it with Clay and his cast in it but still enjoyed all the updates we've been getting since it started July 31st, guess Clay will get some downtime now, looking forward to more news about Clay when he's ready. Thanks so much Musicfan, you did great! xox

  4. I saw the play several years ago at the Jewish Center in Columbus, OH. Of course, it didn't compare to seeing Clay as Joseph and the outstanding cast of actors. I am grateful to have seen it at the Ogunquit Playhouse, but wish I could have seen it more than once. The first time is so overwhelming, that you can't take it all in.

  5. Thanks Musicfan…and I hope you are having a wonderful time in Boston.

    I never saw the play before, but my son had seen it a few times, years ago when it came to Toronto, and Donny Osmond was Joseph. He loved the play then. I knew Clay would be good as Joseph, but I didn't realize how good. I absolutely loved the whole play. I could see it every day and not get tired of it. I'm sad it is over, but glad it happened!!!! What a thrill for all of us, and what a wonderful run for Clay. He got raving reviews!!!!! And rightfully so!

  6. Love the pictures! I’m very sad Joseph is over but I can’t wait to see what’s next for Clay.

    I’ve seen Joseph several times in Dallas, once starring Sam Harris and another with Brian Lane Green. My niece was in a local production as one of the Go go go Joseph chorus and a Pharaoh groupie. Of course I have the DVD with Donny Osmond and the cd with Michael Damian, whom I adored from the Young and Restless. It’s been a favorite show of mine for years! 🙂

  7. i saw this along time ago when a man whos name was andy gibb he was one of the brothers of the beegees and he was in and played joseph i had a feeling that clay wold do right and be amazing in joseph i am verry great full to se the video of the play clay did such a amazing outstand job im feeling sad now because clay is done this amazing play but in a way im glad clay did this because i feel this was the right thing for him to do and oh wow clay got raving revews what a wonderful run for clay

  8. I saw the play done by an all girls high school here in Massachusetts. It was actually really good! I remember walking away smiling and saying what a nice job they did! Of course- not even close to Clay and the rest of the cast in Maine!

    Musicfan123- I hope you enjoyed your time on the East coast and especially in my beautiful home town of Boston! It's a gorgeous place in the summer but the Winters are tough! 🙂

    Safe travels home!!!

  9. I've seen Joseph 2 different times here in Toledo. The first one was when I was a kid & it was WAY before it became popular again. So it was basically told in song, but not a lot of the dancing & no megamix. The second time I saw it was right before I graduated high school in 1996. This was AFTER it became popular & the megamix was included. This production was SO much better than when I'd seen it as a kid. I REALLY wish I could've seen Clay play Joseph!!!!! Ah, well. Perhaps he will get the message to bring his rear back to Toledo/Detroit on one of his upcoming tours, so then SOME of us (Ahem, Me!) will be able to see him LIVE again! I haven't seen him since 2005, when he was @ The Toledo Zoo on JBT!!!!!! Clay-PLEASE come back to Toledo, SOON!!!!!!

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