Clay Aiken – “Just Brilliant!”

This is a short post to pass along a bit of information about Clay Aiken and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The following are a few comments by fan who were in the audience…


The voice was superb…


He was definitely hurting again tonight, and different members of the cast very subtly helped him around the stage.


CED was just as brilliant. I remain amazed that he can sing so well in a contorted prone position


I am so grateful to be able to hear Clay’s voice.


The following YouTube is from Saturday night’s stage door!

Sending positive “vibes” to Clay! ┬áHope you feel better SOON!!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Just Brilliant!”

  1. I hope Clay gets all of the care he needs and is feeling better soon!!! Sending lots of love, prayers,
    and thoughts his way – – – I guess "The Show Must Go On!" <3

  2. Oh I hope he DOES feel better this coming weekend, cos I'LL be there to see him! Take care Clay!!

  3. Clay is a true professional. This isn't the first time he's had to perform while ill or in pain.
    Very thoughtful of him to still do stage door in spite of the pain.
    Sending healing thoughts. Cannot wait to see "Joseph" again on the 20th.

  4. I hope Clay is better soon. I’m praying he’ll stay strong. I would so love to hear Close Every Door. I wonder if the theater was thought if taping it that we could order. I’d buy it!

  5. Clay was really brilliant, superb & is doing an amazing performances. I was there for a week and saw the matinees & evening shows that anyone who sees him will want to come back and see him again & again specially when he sang "Close Every Door" my favorite scene. Mesmerized is the word for it. I was just one of the fortunate fan who where able to see it all and even told him personally while he was signing my poster "that he is doing an amazing perfomances every night" and he responded to that comment and say 'THANK YOU" Believe it or not me and my friend is going back for another week up to the finale. I just hope Clay is feeling better and wish him a quick recovery.

  6. clay im praying for you im sending you vibes and i hope you get better soon im still worried though about your back

  7. I too send my thoughts & prayers to Clay & hope that the back/knee feel better soon, hon!!!!!! Like I said last night, Clay-We ALL Love You & Support you in EVERYTHING you do, even many miles away!!!! Thanks for sharing, Musicfan123!!!!!! Keep up the great work, as you always do!!!!!!!

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