Clay Aiken – Nine Shows – One Week!

It is difficult to realize that Clay Aiken has been performing in Maine for a full week!  What is that saying – Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  Well, I certainly have been having fun and I hope Clay and his colleagues are having fun too!

The Ogunquit Playhouse distributed a new flier for Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  What do you think?


DaynaB62 wrote the following about her stop at a restaurant in the area of the Ogunquit Playhouse:

… and I said we were going to the Ogunquit playhouse and were asking about traffic. She said excitedly, “ooh you know Clay Aiken was here last Sunday!! I wouldn’t know who he was, I was off that day, but “Rocky” told us.”
I said, “We know he came here, that’s partly why WE’RE here. I think I asked if there were Ruby’s in NC and was it a chain she said no, and I may have asked what he ordered. She said, “Rocky will know”. She left as they were very busy. I decided to ask her (when she came back) if Rocky was a manager or the owner, and on her own volition, she said, he’s a bartender, want me to send him over”??? Uhh- yeah! So he did, and he proudly pointed to the booth where Clay sat, (we tried not to stare at it too much), and I asked if anyone bothered/ recognized him, he said just a few people, but he tried to shoo them away when he was eating. I asked what he’d ordered, and he said, “just a southern- type burger. And his Mother had the Pasta from Hell, and the baby had a cheeseburger”…

It’s fun to hear that Clay is in Maine with his family!


sweet carolina girl wrote a great review.  I have posted some of what she said:

I saw Joseph 6 times August 1-4, and I could happily see it 100 more. It’s that good….

…Other than Clay’s magnificent voice and his excellent acting, here are the aspects of the production that I enjoyed the most:
–The complicated and hilarious stage business. I love plays where lots of things are going on at once. This one is done very well. They had a small stage and made great use of every inch of it. Lots of well planned running around, loads of funny stage business, fabulous dancing and movement. Loads of sight gags. Spamalot was a lot like that. So much fun.
–Perfect casting with great characterizations and vocals. In addition to Clay and Keala, Craig Laurie as Reuben/Butler, Bill Nolte as Jacob/Potipher/Baker, and Matthew Ragas as the pharaoh are real standouts. So much talent on the stage. 
–The ensemble. I used to tell my students that even if they are “just” in the ensemble, they can make a great impression on the audience. The little extra touches are what make or break a great show. People will notice individuals and their actions even if they never have a line to say. I just loved the dancing/singing girls, especially the weeping/wailing ones. The girl with the Egypt sign is adorable. And the brothers are downright mesmerizing. I couldn’t help smiling the whole time they were singing and dancing.
–My favorite minor character is Mrs. Potipher. I loved loved loved her Nefertiti style headdress and her dance. I love, too, how she says “Pity.” 
–The kids. What a great experience for them. And they did an excellent job. They add so much to the story. And great lessons to be learned by all.
–And to get back to Clay, I love his wonderful facial expressions. Plus, some of the lines really stand out. I waited for them like I did the Spamalot lines. I love the way he says “Nevah” when scolding Benjamin for “taking” the cup. In the same song, he says “Guard, seize him!” in a stern fashion. I sure don’t want Clay mad at me. His face and voice were showed it all. Loved it. His “Mr. Pharoah Man” is funny, too…

I love getting to read all the details!


The following are two tweets with pictures that were taken at the stage door.  I really think that it is so wonderful that Clay is doing the stage door after his performances.  It really makes so many people happy!



AND – Another picture from Twitter – This was taken at the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. The cast was there together for dinner.

That is all I can find at this time

Tomorrow, there are two shows.  I will be on the look-out for more news, pictures, and videos so check back as I will post when I get the news.

And again, a huge thank you to all the fans who share their thoughts about the show with us.

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Nine Shows – One Week!

  1. I love the new flyer! If they had put that picture on a shirt they would have sold a lot.
    I am also glad to read that Clay's family is with him. What a beautiful place to spend time with them.
    The reviews from the theater patrons have been so enjoyable to read. Please continue to post those.
    Lastly, the pictures are terrific. I am so glad that Clay is coming out to meet the crowd at the end of the performance. He looks so happy! The rest of the cast looks like they are having a fun time too in the last photo shown.
    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on all the news from Maine. I can't believe a week has passed so quickly.

  2. I love all the fun reports snd the time Clay takes to visit at the stage door. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  3. I am absolutely loving all the articles, reviews, tweets….What Fun!!!!!!!!

    Again, thanks Musicfan for bringing all of this over here….August is good to us so far!!!!!

  4. What fun pictures! I hope I can get one of those happy ones with Clay after the show at the stage door, lol! Orrrr, meet him for lunch at one of the fun restaurants! A girl can dream can't she???? Once again musicfan, thanks so much for all the recaps, tweets, articles and fun stuff! So appreciated!!! <3<3<3<3:*

  5. its so amazing to hear all the news and see the photos im glad clay was with his family and the baby ate a chease burger thank you to all and especiley music fan for poasting xoox

  6. Thanks as always for sharing, Musicfan123!!!! On the couple of pics that were released, is it me or does OMC look like he's got a REALLY bad sunburn!!!! If he does, "Ouch, babe" & I hope it clears up for him soon!!!!! Glad to see that took the little dude with him!!!! That baby isn't a baby anymore! Hard to believe he's 5!!!!!! Whew! Where does the time GO?!!!! Anyways, thanks as always for sharing!!!!

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