Clay Aiken – Statues, Pigeons, and Tweets

Today, its all about twitter!  You can have fun tweets, sad tweets, some with pictures and some with videos…what ever you send, it can be seen by many people and it is an easy way to pass news to people quickly.

On Thursday, Clay Aiken tweeted twice.  Did you see them?

So…was Clay actually feeling bad or was he posting with the trend of the day? Hmmm! But, later in the evening:

It looks like Clay is having a nice evening with Ken Arpino and Drew King who were two of the “brothers”…no pigeons in sight!

According to Daniel Zeevi at DashBurst:

Twitter is a micro-blogging and real-time communication network that has surpassed 500 million users in its seven years of existence. To date, over 170 billion tweets have been sent, for an average of 400 million tweets per day… …200 million users are active on Twitter each month while approximately 20 million Twitter accounts are fake. Currently, China has the most Twitter users with 35.5 million people registered… … The average user has 208 followers and has tweeted 307 times. People spend, on average, 170 minutes on the site each month.

Do you belong to twitter?  If so, I hope you follow Clay Aiken.  It’s one of the easy ways we can support him and its so easy!

I like tweets that have videos too.  This is one of many performances that I love to watch. Thank you to wowzers4Clay

How about your twitter statistics? Do they “fit” the DashBurst average?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Statues, Pigeons, and Tweets

  1. I am on twitter, but I don't tweet much. Don't have much to say! I do get Clay's tweets sent to my phone so THOSE are always a treat knowing that he posts them in "present time" lol! I do like responding to Clay's tweets or at least re tweeting him! He sure looks like he is having fun with his "bros"! Looks like a selfie pic. (First time I heard that term was just the other day. So cute!)

  2. HaHa No. I have 7 followers….one is Clay and 3 are family who are just humoring me. Two I don't know. Have sent 60 tweets and none replied and 1 retweet. Following is the most fun for me…about 27 people I care to keep up with. PS That's just 6 listed…maybe 4 family. LOL

  3. Wow! Love this song, Clay does such a great job, all his songs are fabulous! Thanks Musicfan xox.
    I don't tweet much either but I do retweet Clay's tweets.

  4. I am on twitter. I don’t tweet anything about me (boring) but I love to respond and retweet the people I follow, especially Clay of course! I’m so glad Clay had fun with friends.

    Love that video. That’s one of my favorite songs and that coat is hot!! 🙂

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