Clay Aiken – Enjoying Life!

Have you seen the new Woody Allen film, Blue Jasmine?  Starring Cate Blanchett, the movie is about a woman who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  The woman moves from New York to San Francisco to live with her sister after her wealthy husband divorces.  Throughout the movie, she learns how to survive by counting on herself.

I have not seen the movie, but it certainly is getting excellent reviews.

Actually, I hadn’t thought much about the movie until Thursday when I read a tweet from Ken Arpino.

It was fun seeing all the re-tweets and comments from his many followers.  I couldn’t help it…I added a tweet too.

The best part is that Clay answered by sending a tweet too…with a picture.

And finally, another tweet and this time with a picture of Clay!


It is so much fun to see Clay out and about, seemingly have a great time in NYC.  When he tweets to his fans, it produces lots of smiles and a feeling that Clay is actually thinking about us as he goes about enjoying his life.

OK, Clay and Ken…

How was the movie?

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Enjoying Life!

  1. It was fun last night reading the tweets and knowing the he was having fun with a friend.
    But, I'm dying to know if he's working on a project while in NYC. Guess only time will tell.

  2. That was soooooooo much fun last night! LOVED getting those tweets. What a fun boyfriend we have!!! Wonder if we'll get a review of the movie?? LOL!

  3. I am so happy he met Ken! I think Ken is in love with twitter and he drags Clay into it- Lucky us!!!

  4. That was fun last night… So glad to see Clay out and about in NYC. That's a good thing.
    The movie sounds interesting. Yes, it would be fun to get a review!!!!!

  5. Blue Jasmine is a wonderful but frustrating movie. The acting is great, but Cate's character is so flawed, you just want to shout…"get a grip!" How much fun to see Clay & Ken enjoying another evening out. Love those tweets!

  6. A signature snark from Clay and one super adorable priceless expression! What more can I ask for. I'm a pumped Claymate Ken Doll. 😀

  7. I love that Clay and Ken are out and about having some fun in NYC. I am happy that Ken is tweeting us too now and sending us some cute pictures. This movie sounds good!

  8. Thank you musicfan for the part you played in getting those tweets to happen. I'm so glad Clay became very good friends with his Joseph castmates.

  9. I saw Blue Jasmine last weekend. It is a very well acted movie…but kind of a downer. Kate Blanchette did a wonderful job with it though. I would love to know what Clay thought of it. I really enjoy all the tweets and the pictures…that way we know what Clay is up to. GoGoGoPopcorn!!

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