Clay Aiken – Lots of Laughs With Good Friends!

Timeless Tour

August 8, 2010

American Music Theater

Lancaster, PA

Do You Remember?

Did you see the Timeless Tour?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Lots of Laughs With Good Friends!

  1. Thanks for posting these videos of the Timeless Tour. I was able to catch a few performances and my friends and I were in Lancaster. We were with friends from Japan, Singapore and Spain. Happy memories I'll treasure forever!

  2. Oh yes I saw the Timeless Tour! Only saw the last one but it was the BEST one in my opinion, lol! Thanks for the great look back to an awesome tour!!

  3. I loved the Timeless Tour…Saw 3 shows. Windsor, Verona and Chautauqua. Not Lancaster though. It was a great summer show…lots of music, fun, laughter…

  4. Oh boy, do I remember it. What a wonderful concert!!! The stool skit is one of my many fav. Especially when they keep changing it up in different venues. LOL

  5. I was there and loved this concert. I saw this concert more than once. Since Clay and Ruben reacted to the audiences there was also something different in each one. That is what made each one so unique and so much fun. The town that this concert was held in was very memorable also. There were lots of Amish people who lived in the area and it was so unusual to see the carriages with the horses rather than cars. Also , we were there on Sunday which is the day the young adult Amish "date". We saw lots of buggies and young people in town. It was a beautiful place and I enjoyed it so much.

  6. It was my first Tour that I attended. First in Windsor and then in Chautauqua. I loved every minute of this Tour. Hope Clay does this type of Tour again someday. Was such wonderful time of my life and I will have happy memories for ever.

  7. Yes, I was at the Lancaster concert. The auditorium was packed and the audience enthusiastic. My sister-in-law went with me (her first Clay concert) and loved every minute. Thanks for the videos.

  8. I was also at this show!!! Great show……… always. I finally met nickikiwi at this show and saw several other Clay friends. Ruben and Clay were so awesome together!!! One of the best teams ever, IMHO!!!

  9. Maybe the most fun tour ever. Clay & Ruben have great chemistry & switched off being the straight man to each other's high jinx. Every show had its own hilarious ad libs, too. Loved Quiana & Kasey, too – and the amazing band. It was so much fun to see Felix P. again. Great set list with perfect balance of fast tempo and ballads. Vocals spot on by all four singers – and Clay's range was off the chain! Made a fan of a 12 y.o. skeptic in my family – she just could not resist the zanies.

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