Clay Aiken – A Fun Picture

On Friday the 13th, Matthew Ragas posted a great tweet:

What a fun remembrance of “The Summer of Maine!” Do some of you still sing “Go Go Go Joseph as you are working quietly around the house?
Here are a few more pictures of the fun:

What role would you like Clay to portray next – Play and character?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Fun Picture

  1. The Ad for the "Joseph" Show has Clay's Name on it – makes it look like that is Clay in the pic –
    nothing about Matt of that front page – – – guess that is the reason for Clay's "funny face"!!!! 🙂
    So funny!!!

  2. Oh my goodness that picture is so cute. I love Goofy Clay! Looking at those pictures you can see how much fun it was this summer I’m so thankful to all who shared.

    I”d like to see Clay as The Baker in Into the Woods. I think he”d be great! But I will love him in any part. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

  3. I just came back from the Shaw Festival and saw 'Guys & Dolls'. The actor who portrayed Sky Masterson looked a lot like Clay and when I hear him perform the songs, I was sure that that would be an ideal role for Clay.
    Just one little dance that Clay would have no trouble with. Thanks for the pictures, fond memories.

  4. hi emily this is pumpkin i agree on what you said i also think that that that would be a ideal role for clay to be in thanks much for the pictires

  5. What a goofball!!!! Love his "goofy" face!!! Always mugging for the camera!!!! I could SO see him playing Phantom in POTO. For those of us who are poor & aren't members of OFC, would you mind abbreviating what he shared with everyone? Thanks in advance & thanks as always for sharing, Musicfan123!!!! I will admit that I've been listening to "Joseph" (Canadian Cast W/ Donny Osmond) in my car!!! Love, "Go, Go, Go Joseph," "Song of the King" & "Megamix."

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