Clay Aiken – We Just Need To Relax!

We have had some pretty intense things to think about for the last few days. So, it seemed to me that we just need to relax today. Relaxing for me is enjoying a song sung by Clay Aiken or watching him make an entire audience laugh. I hope you agree.

Today, I have posted three videos from the LA Greek Theater concert held in the summer of 2007. This concert was special to me as I was there, sitting in the front row. The entire concert was amazing.

So…enjoy Clay singing Every Time You Go Away and then enjoy a good laugh by watching The Best of SRHPT Banter from LA. There is so much fun in these videos!!

Did you attend one of the SRHPT concerts in 2007?

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – We Just Need To Relax!

  1. I went to 8 shows that summer. 1 in Texas, 4 in S. California and 3 in Florida. Best summer evah! It's early and I have to get the GD up for school. Gonna watch the video's later. I know I've seen them before but ALWAYS have to see them again!!

    • Lucky you Marie, it sounds like it was so much fun, wish I could have been there but I only got to know about Clay 4 years ago but at least I'm able to watch all the clack, enjoy him so much. All the above videos were great!

  2. 🙁 I wasn't born in Clay Nation yet during SRHP. Missed the whole thing. But found youtube clack of SRHP in 2009 (thankgod4clack) and first thing I thought was 'Now THAT's the type of concert I want to go to!'. Knew I would feel at home in his concerts. Would have enjoyed laughing at his funny jokes and enjoy some great singing. He has the most natural comedic style and the most natural and mind blowing singing style (PRICELESS). Stopped watching my favourite channel, the comedy network because of SRHP!

    • anna you picked a winner that's for sure! I've been here since the audition in 2003. Never looked back! Welcome aboard!! He's a wild ride!!

  3. well marie lucky you it sounds to me like it was fun for you i wish i could have been there with ya i im watching all the shrimp tour vids thanks to amazing clack people who bring clack clay singing lover all alone was honting yet amazing for me to watch him sing that song i wold havebeen cracking up at the jokes and watch him in amazement and awe and injoy his amazing singing

  4. I made it to San Diego. Lots of friends were able to go to all 4 California concerts. I would have been there too, but had a prior commitment of a family reunion that was planned for a year before. Not sure my in-laws would have understood.

  5. Thank you musicfan 123. He has been my favorite singer ever. from the start. G Knight was right when she said he was Magical, he has his fans caring so deeply about him ..not like a sex star but as a wonderful person and the best entertainer ever, his voice is so versatile , he can sing anything better then the original, anything he sings, and his own hits are fantastic and nobody else could sing them as good as him…I don't think there has ever been another entertainer that has so much love for them as Clay has, and there never will be..

  6. I attended the Columbus Show on Sat. and then went to the Sterling Heights Show on Monday and
    they were so much fun – and got to meet the funny and very nice "Ethel" at a restaurant right after the
    Sterling Heights Show!!! Those were two of my favorite shows – hated to leave the venue!!

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