Clay Aiken – Where, What, and When?

Our congratulations to the winners of the auction for Clay Aiken‘s piano and the mini-concert.

Whoever won, I am sure you will cherish the piano and have a wonderful time with Clay!

How’s your Clay Aiken memory?  I hope it’s working well!

Let’s have some fun.  Do you recognize the following pictures? Can you name the event and the date?

Better yet, can you doing it before you read the comments from other readers?

I hope you will give it a try.  The more that participate, the more fun it will be!

I will post the answers on Tuesday.









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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Where, What, and When?

  1. While I certainly recognize the photo's I am one person who has CRS and am hopeless when remembering where they were taken and when. LOL! I'll leave it to those that have good memories! Weee! Good pictures!

  2. So much fun to look at these photos. Some I have never seen before (#6). I've been to all of Clay's concerts, but I can't put a name or date on any of the pictures…getting too old to remember.

    • Have to agree with Emily. I am also getting too old to remember all these photos. But wherever people take his pics, also have to agree with Anna, he doesn't take a bad pic at all. Love you, Clay!!!! And congrats to whomever won the piano & may they have a GREAT time with Clay & Co. in their own mini-concert. I know that if I won, I would request "ATDW," "WY," (Both Versions-Duet & Solo), "EIDN," "WYSYLM," "Touch," "ISY," & "invisible." How about you guys? What would you request? Thanks as always for sharing, Musicfan123!

      • I would request 1-2 songs from each album – Invisible is a must have, he can choose the rest, they're all good. A couple songs from pre-idol and songs like My Way or Impossible Dream or Love Story, Elvis songs and a few pop songs. 😀 In short, a mesh of everything.

  3. Number 8 is at Cyndi Lauper's Home for the Holidays event. Number 2 looks like a SRHP concert. I've got nothing else. haha… All I know is he is one cutie patootie. 😀

  4. #5 is the tribute to Neil Sadaka sang Solitaire. Don't have the date. #8 tribute to Barry Manilow where he sang EVEN NOW. Is #4 People's Choice Awards? All great pics

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