Clay Aiken – A Moment You Never Forget

The Star-Spangled Banner is traditionally performed at the beginning of public sports events and orchestral concerts in the United States, as well as other public gatherings.

I am a musician and I have played or sung the Star Spangled Banner more times than I can imagine. The song is notoriously difficult for nonprofessional and professionals to sing, mainly because of its wide range which is an octave and a half.

Sometimes I was nervous when I had to perform the very difficult song. However, throughout my career, I do not think I was ever as nervous as I was on October 18, 2003.

Like many of Clay Aiken’s fans, I was excited to hear the news that he was asked to perform the Star-Spangled Banner at the opening of the World Series in 2003. Held at Yankee Stadium in New York, the Yankees were playing the Florida Marlins for the National Championship.

There was no reason to be nervous. Clay sang a wonderful rendition of the anthem and it was done with just Clay’s voice….no accompaniment. Clay sang with conviction and only hesitated for a second when the Stealth Bomber showed up a few seconds too soon. Using common sense, Clay stopped the song for a few moments so that the ending could be heard.


It was an exciting time for Clay Aiken fans. I would imagine it is a moment that Clay will never forget.


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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Moment You Never Forget

  1. Wow…Clay did such a great job…but…YIKES…this was a pressure situation. So many people all over the world were watching this performance.

    Thanks for the video and pictures.

    Any idea when we might hear from Clay?

  2. That is one of the things that are so great about Clay – he is so trust-worthy – you can always count
    on him to do the song, the show, whatever as near perfect as this world allows!!! He seems to never
    let even difficult things keep him from doing the job brilliantly. I think he has always been "The Star"!!
    A very classy "STAR"!!!! I might add.

  3. Wow that was beautiful, I've see this many times, what a great job Clay did, love his voice. Thanks musicfan xox.

  4. it was amazing what a great amazing job clay sang the star spangled banner it sure is an unforgetable performance thanks fot the video and the pictures

  5. Nobody can sing anything as good as clay aiken can, nobody. He does not even need backround music who else can say that….He had it hard as a child, with his father ignoring him, but what he did was try to make other children happy with the national inclusion project..He is a wonderful talented, super talented person……

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