Clay Aiken – Photographs Are Priceless!

If one picture of Clay Aiken is worth a thousand words, more pictures are indescribable!


“A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime.”
Author: unknown

“Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment”
Author: M.Lopez


“Photographs are priceless.
Capturing something nothing else will.
A precious documentation of a moment standing still.”
Author: Nicole Baus
When we look at a picture, a moment of magic occurs. It is as if someone had laid a sheet of translucent paper over our thought and made a tracing of our memories.”
Author: –Tom Bentkowski


“When you photograph in black and white, you capture the color of the soul.”
Author: sophiejoey

Impossible task…but…
Which is your favorite picture?
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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Photographs Are Priceless!

  1. Impossible task, is right!!!! But I think #1 and 2 will do it for me – the profile of #1 is amazing but, #2 – the expression in those eyes and gentle smile – irresistible !! Thanks for them all, Musicfan.

  2. Clay Aiken takes remarkable pictures there is no doubt about it. I cannot pick just one, but have picked two. I love them all, but for separate reasons have picked the two I did. I adore number 3 because it is as if he is so filled with joy with his arms spread out like he is ready to absolutely fly with amazement and happiness-a long lost wish has came true!
    The second one is the last one and what can I say the "eyes" have it. He can tell a story just by how his eyes look. Just awesome! His eyes get me everytime!

  3. They're all wonderful, but I love the first and second ones, because you get a sense of his incredible profile.

  4. OMG #1, 2 and the last one are so so gorgeous, but they're all great, what a beautiful looking man! Thanks musicfan xox.

  5. Gaahhh!! They are all so handsome. I can’t pick a favorite but 1,4 and 6 are especially gorgeous! 🙂

  6. I love them all in this order: 2, 1, 4, 6, 5, 3. Love those green eyes in #2. This was a great way to begin a rainy Saturday morning.

  7. 4 he looks heavenly, 2 the green eyes are so beautiful, 6 he is mesmerizing1-3-5-are great too

  8. I love, Love, LOVE Clay's profile and would normally pick #1, but those sparkling green eyes are so captivating and it's almost a profile picture so #2 gets my vote.

  9. Right on Musicfan!! You combined two of my favorite things….quotes and photos!! Only because you asked us to pick…..I'll go with the first one and the next to last one. Favorite quote? Each photo is a story captured in a moment.

  10. Those eyes say it all, he has the best smile too. Anytime is the right time to look at Clay or listen to him sing. Such a gentle soul and remarkable man he has turned out to be. I love them all and can not rate them they are all the best to me, he never takes a bad picture!!!!!

    • Those eyes are great, and say so much, from the way he carries himself and the good deeds he does always. The pictures are all great and there is no way I can pick a bad one or rate them they are all the best to me. The voice is the greatest and he will always be tops to me and many others I'm sure!!!!! One of a kind the man is.

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