Clay Aiken – No Friendship Is An Accident!

One of the interesting sidelines of being a fan of Clay Aiken is that he has introduced many people to his fans.  Some are friends who have known Clay since he was in school.  Others are new friends who Clay has met through his work in the entertainment and the humanitarian world.

On Friday, Clay tweeted about his friend, Nick Leisey.  It seems his good friend just announced his engagement to the beautiful Courtney. Be sure and look to the right of this blog to see Clay’s tweet which includes a picture of the happy couple.

Nick was Clay’s Personal Assistant for a few years and toured with Clay at least four times.  Nick chose to return to school and received his master’s degree in Salem, MA and became an elementary school teacher in Boston. He currently works as a Global Citizenship Fellow for UNICEF.

The following biography of Nick is posted at SCHED

Nicholas Leisey is a passionate advocate for human rights and utilizes his natural instincts for civic engagement and grassroots mobilization to engage multiple communities around the country to unite on behalf of the world’s children.

After earning his degree in public relations from East Carolina University, Nicholas spent several years working with children’s programs for various non-profit organizations and NGOs. He has managed youth programs for the YMCA and The John F. Kennedy Center, coordinated initiatives and development activities for the National Inclusion Project and participated in UN sponsored field visits to Uganda, Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to his work with non-profit organizations, Nicholas also holds a master’s degree in elementary education and has spent three years working as an elementary school teacher for the Boston Public Schools system.

Nicholas is currently the Global Citizenship Fellow for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF based in the New England Regional Office. This role allows him to cultivate relationships with community and faith-based organizations, inspire volunteers to engage their communities with UNICEF’s campaigns, catalyze school partnerships by challenging educators to focus on global issues in the classroom and promote the adoption of global citizenship for individuals within the greater Boston community.

Congratulations, Nick.  You and Courtney have a large family of friends who wish you all the best!

Another of Clay’s friends was also in the news Friday.   Arsenio Hall and Clay became good friends when they were both contestants on the reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice in 2012.  Clay and Arsenio seemed to enjoy each others company and seemed to work well together.

On Friday, Cynthia Littleton, Editor-in-chief: TV – Variety reported that there was some turmoil surrounding Arsenio’s TV talk-show:

“The Arsenio Hall Show” has made a big change at the top, with exec producer/showrunner Neal Kendeall stepping down.

Eric Pankowski, senior VP of programming and development for “Arsenio Hall” distributor CBS TV Distribution, will step in as interim showrunner while Hall mounts a search for a new exec producer.

“Arsenio Hall” bowed Sept. 9 to promising ratings but viewership of the late night syndie talker has dipped since then. A source indicated that Kendall’s exit was spurred in an effort to find a better creative fit for the comedian.

I wish Arsenio only the best.  I never enjoy seeing someone disappointed in the way a dream job turns out.

Have you watched Arsenio’s show?  If so, do you enjoy it?  Would you like to see Clay as a guest on the show?


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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – No Friendship Is An Accident!

  1. I would watch the show if Clay was on the show now and then..I don't care for the show I have watched it once in a while hopping to see Clay but gave up.

    • Same here Margaret, I'm not a big fan of comedy shows but I wish Arsenio Hall all the best. Thanks Musicfan for the great post, Clay has some wonderful good friends.

  2. I watched the show on opening night. Not too impressed. Arsenio would boost his ratings, if only for one night, if he had Clay as a guest. So happy to hear about Nick's engagement. I often wondered if he and Clay stayed in touch. I was used to seeing Nick on Clay's early tours and haven't seen or heard of him in several years.

  3. I have to get up for work at 5 so I’m usually asleep when Arsenio is on. I would definitely stay up and watch if Clay were a guest. I hope his show will find its groove and do well.

  4. I’ve seen Arsenio’s show a little bit. I wish him the best but I’m waiting for Clay to be on!

  5. I've watched a little bit of Arsenio's show. I wish him the best but I'm waiting for Clay making his appearance! He's better hurry, lol!!

  6. I'm so happy for Nick. He seems like such a wonderful guy and a great friend to Clay. I remember seeing Nick's Mom in Washington last year at the Gala. She was staying at the same hotel, and such a lovely woman. I imagine she will be there again this year. Congratulations to Nick and his future bride.

    I have been watching Arsenio's show. I don't wish him to fail, but I really haven't enjoyed his show…I keep waiting for it to improve. New shows always take a bit of time to come into their own. I keep hoping for a Clay mention, and am waiting to see Clay as a guest.

  7. i never watched arsnieo hall show but oh ild love it if clay was a guest on the arsineo hall show yes indede arsineo i wish you the best and im wating to see if clay will do a aperence clay dear better hurry

  8. I haven't watched Arsenio's show. Like all of you that have commented I too wish him well but it's not my type of show. Well, until Clay comes on anyway! That will be his best show of the season as well as the highest ratings 🙂
    I wonder if Clay will sing at Nick's wedding! That would be amazing!!!

  9. in Philly the show is on the ABC affiliate. the station also has the program about the black president with Gladys Knight.Arsenio PROMISED to have Claybear on!!! I havent given up YET!Arsenio does Something 4 the Ladies and that is always good.Hunkie poos and men doing dishes.Happy for Nick.

  10. Thanks so much about writing about Nick.I am glad to read that he is getting married. I had not heard too much about him since he stopped traveling and touring with Clay. He is such a nice person and I am glad to read he is working with UNICEF and that Clay and him continue to be friends. They both love working with children, and both have done numerous things to help children in the last 10 years.
    I have not watched Arsenio's show. I certainly will the night that Clay is on!

  11. I have watched Arsenio's show about 5 times so far, but I find that he caters more towards a black audience. Which is ok, but I won't watch it again until Clay is on. Frankly, Arsenio needs a side kick and I thought for sure it would be Clay, if only because it would be hilarious to see this cool black dude hang out with his nerdy white friend. If not Clay, then someone else.

  12. Not interested in Arsenio's show, but I don't watch any late night TV anyhow. Would make the effort to view it, if Clay were on it though. Won't hold my breath. LOL

    Will say Nick seemed to be a great guy, and I well remember his coming up to me outside a venue, and saying I looked more like Faye that year than the year before. Guess my hair was "blondish" and fluffy that night. Have had several people tell me I looked like her, but I certainly don't anymore!!

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