Clay Aiken – Part of A Comedic Team

Clay Aiken and Jimmy Kimmel – one of the best comedic teams on TV. The two men are very different, yet they seem to play off each other easily and their timing makes their jokes just that much better.

Forty-five year old Kimmel was born in Brooklyn. His mother was of Italian descent and made sure that Jimmy was raised Roman Catholic. He even was an altar boy at his church.

Jimmy has been very active in his support of the Italian-American community. He was a founder of the annual LA Feast of San Gennaro, a festival that celebrates Italian culture. The festival raises funds to aid needy children in the community.

Maybe Clay and Jimmy aren’t so different after all.

Clay has been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live 8 times. Each visit has been full of excitement, lots of laughs and some great music. Hopefully Clay will visit with Jimmy again soon.

The following are 8 pictures of Clay when he visited Jimmy. It is really fun to see the pictures. They bring back great memories.









So…which is your favorite picture?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Part of A Comedic Team

  1. Ahhh, GREAT pictures as usual musicfan! Love waking up to them! YOU ROCK! Great fun times on Kimmel….maybe one day they will be" reunited"!

  2. Yes, I'm sure Clay will appear on Kimmel's show again. I would love it..they really do have great chemistry. So funny.

    As always, I love all the pics, but am particular to 09.26.06 and 06.28.04. He sang on both of those shows, and loved it.

  3. My favorite picture is the one from 9/26/06. It shows him singing his head off…and that is what I want him to do. It was great when he was on Jimmie's show. So much fun! Anyway, he looks soooo fine in that picture.

  4. I have a friend, an international fan, who found Clay on YouTube in June 2008 while searching for Jimmy Kimmel. She became an instant Clay fan and by November she was here to see Spamalot. We met through a message board. Amazing!

  5. Jimmy Kimmel has not had Clay on since Clay came out. He dropped him like a hot potato. I see no further relationship between the two in the future. Sad fact.

  6. Love all those interviews with Clay and Jimmy Kimmel, they were all fun to watch. Thanks Musicfan

  7. Loved every single show that Clay appeared on with Jimmy and taped them all! Enjoy them all! It's been such a long time – not sure if it will happen again, either!

  8. I am sure Jimmy K knew Clay was gay all along, so I don't see that as a reason he is not on the show…I think the horse got Jimmy mad, but I don't know who's idea that was…..But I do hope to see him on there again..they are great together….Another reason could be , the noise the Clay fans make may be hard to deal with…….

  9. 9=26 and the very last blondie Clay.remember when Sarah Silverman and Clay were in bed together? I hope Clay and Jimmy get back together. Last year when Jimmy was showcasing his best moments he did show Clay on the horse.

  10. I don,t think Clay will ever be on Jimmy Kimmel,s show again. Jimmy claimed Clay was his best friend in the world but I notice Clay hasn,t been on in years and he wasn,t invited to Jimmy,s recent wedding. Guess Clay isn,t Hollywood enough for Jimmy Kimmel anymore. It,s a shame because Clay and Jimmy were so funny together.

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