Clay Aiken – An Excellent Time To Cultivate Patience


I wish you a day filled with family, friends, laughter and love.

May every candle on your cake turn into a wish come true!

Happy birthday to you!

I really don’t follow horoscopes but once in a while it does make you scratch your head!

A friend shared this last night and I asked her if I might share it with you!


November 30, 2013 Birthday Horoscope
If You Were Born Today, November 30:

You have the ability to light up a room when you enter it. Others gravitate to you naturally because you are very easy to like. Your charm is multi-layered. One of its main ingredients is your versatility. You love people and can easily imitate others, and your many faces appeal to many! As multi-talented and multi-faceted as you are, you are also very shrewd and determined. While you may seem to have a finger in many pies, you are not scattered in focus. Bored easily, you need movement and activity in your life in order to keep stimulated. The good news is you are capable of creating it, and don’t rely on others to entertain you.

Famous people born today: Ben Stiller, Clay Aiken, Bo Jackson, Billy Idol, Dick Clark, Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain.

Exciting (not jarring) changes and new interests characterize the period ahead. It’s easier than ever to express your unique individuality, and if this involves changing careers or jobs, a new love affair, or an entirely new hobby, it’s something that takes you forward into unexplored territory. You are more willing to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations this year. It’s a good time to join organizations and groups and to attend meetings or social events. You are able to find creative solutions to problems now. Flexibility is the key to success under this influence. Your personality is sparkling this year, which is sure to attract new circumstances and people into your life.

Your ambition is stimulated this year. You are determined to meet or exceed your goals. You can bring great discipline and meaning to your life if you focus on your goals, and avoid jumping from one thing to another. You might totally revise an important project or area of your life, or you could be bent on getting rid of something in your life in order to move forward.

This is a time when dedication and commitment to goals runs high. You are more productive in a reliable and consistent way. This is an excellent time to cultivate patience as well as to weed out the unnecessary in order to focus on what really matters.

…A sense of duty may lead you to sacrifice a personal pleasure for a cause or for a loved one. You are more conservative when it comes to spending, whether this is because circumstances are such that you need to penny pinch, or you are simply more realistic about your finances. Creatively, there can be a sense that your dreams are realizable…

…There can be a great focus on a particular project or endeavor that helps you to move your life forward in positive ways…

Here is a nice tweet Clay received for his birthday:


Playbill Magazine wrote the following about Clay’s birthday!

THE SCREENING ROOM: Happy Birthday, Clay Aiken (Video)

By Playbill Staff
30 Nov 2013

“American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken, who starred on Broadway in Monty Python’s Spamalot, celebrates his birthday Nov. 30. takes a look back at Aiken’s career with clips from the second season of “American Idol,” his performances of Broadway classics, television appearances and more.


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WOW…Playbill has a lot of Clay history.  It could take days to see all of this!

 I hope that many of you will stop by and leave Clay a Happy Birthday in the comments section.  It’s a way we can let him know we wish him the very best!

Happy Birthday Clay!

May next year be your very best yet!

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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Excellent Time To Cultivate Patience

  1. OH! What a magnificent write-up for Clay's 35th Birthday!!!! I don't follow horoscopes either – But –
    this one really has Clay's name and birthday all over it!!

    <3<3<3 Happy, Happy, Birthday Clay <3<3<3 May God bless you with His richest blessings your
    whole life long and I pray you are able to share with all of your family and loved ones – wishing you
    love, happiness, and above all – Joy! Hoping we get to share in your life for many years to come!

  2. Happy Birthday to Clay Aiken. I have enjoyed you and your music for the last 5 years. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Have a nice day!

  3. What a fun day to have a birthday! Clay..I hope this birthday is your very best. May this day be filled with lots of joy and happiness and lots of love too!

  4. maligayang bati kay clay mula sa pilipinas! happy birthday, clay, all the way from the philippines!

    and thank you for your efforts through unicef!

  5. MusicFan- do you know where that horoscope came from? I love astrology and that was spot on! How nice that playbill had a nice birthday wish for Clay and included a video! He has touched so many people and changed so many lives.

    Happy Birthday Clay. May you next year bring you happiness, peace and love.

  6. Wishing Clay the happiest of birthdays! I truly hope this is the best year yet. I loved that birthday write up and the horoscope was pretty much a bullseye! Thank you fir a great blog! 🙂

  7. Best wishes Clay on this day. Hope your day is
    filled with lots of fun with family and friends.

  8. Happy Birthday Clay, I have enjoyed you and your music for the past 4 years, hope you have a wonderful birthday with your family! Lots of love! Thanks Martha xo<3

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAY!! I can't believe you are 35! You are catching up with me! (delusional) I hope you have many more glorious years and birthdays to come. I love you!

  10. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the family and friends one has in life. Clay, to celebrate your birthday at this time of year is extra special. We are all awaiting the news of what you have planned for the future. Wishing you good health, peace and continued success in your life.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAY!! That horoscope is amazing!!! We know things are changing for Clay, and I pray that everything he dreams of, comes true…. Best wishes on your special day, and happiness "All Year Long".

  12. Happy Birthday
    Thanks for all the many, many hours of pleasure you and your music have given us.
    Great write up…maybe you are being more appreciated now.

  13. happy 35 birthday clay aiken happy birthday to youu happy birthday to you happy birthday dear clay aiken happy birthday to you i hope your birthday will be as amazing and wonderfull as you areclay

  14. Happy Birthday to Clay Aiken. I hope you have a wonderful day! Hope we hear you singing somewhere soon.

  15. Happy Birthday, Clay! May the coming year be filled with God’s guidance and blessings, an array of accomplishments, new friendships, challenging opportunities, and dreams come true. And may you experience as much pleasure, laughter, kindness, and love as you have given your fans. You are truly a remarkable man!


  17. Happy Birthday Clay! I am excited and am looking forward to another year of being a fan of yours. You never disappoint. I hope you have an awesome day.

  18. Happy Birthday, Mr. Aiken, you have helped to give happy dreams and hopeful tomorrows to many, many people.

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