Clay Aiken – Loving Law & Order!

Not pretty…but up quickly… another tweet with a great NEW Picture of Law And Order!!



Fun…I will add more when it becomes available!



It’s fun finding these tweets!!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Loving Law & Order!

  1. Loved Clay on the show tonight – he always leaves me with a great big smile!!! Good show – much
    to ponder! Serious stuff!!!

  2. iloved clay and taylor on the show last night they were amazing judges clay always does what hes sapost ta do and so does taylor im so glad and amazed that clay and taylor got along so well ashanti was good i wasnt intrested in what happend after that that other stuff

  3. I really enjoyed the show last night and I especially enjoyed how they integrated the talent show with the storyline at the very beginning….extremely well done. The whole show was well done. Clay is so relaxed in front of the camera. He always does a great job. It was good seeing Taylor again. Ashanti is new to me but they all seemed to work well together. Can't wait to see what's next for Clay.

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