Clay Aiken – He Just Never Disappoints

Clay Aiken made a great judge!!  

He just never disappoints.

Wednesday night, Law and Order – SVU was EXCELLENT!

And Billy Porter was FANTASTIC!


It is past midnight here in California and so far I can only find 2 good reviews of Wednesday’s SVU.  The first is from Zap2it:

‘Law & Order: SVU’: ‘Dissonant Voices’ an ‘American Idol’ takeoff

by Jacqueline Cutler

Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks show up as judges on a talent competition on Wednesday’s (Nov. 6) “Law & Order: SVU.” The fake “American Diva” bears an uncanny resemblance to “American Idol,” where the two singers got their big breaks.

 The episode has them (along with R&B singer Ashanti) behind the judges’ desk. Carly Rose Sonenclar, runner-up on Season 2 of “The X Factor,” takes the stage. She’s so nervous, she’s initially inaudible, but quickly finds her terrific voice…
That is all that is written about the judges!!  The rest of the review is excellent and can be found at ZAP2it
The other review that I found is from Broadway World:
BWW Recap: LAW & ORDER: SVU – Billy Porter Gives Astonishing Performance as Accused Music Teacher*This Article Deals With Sensitive Subjects* – This is at the top of the two page review.  There is no mention of the judges, however, the article is excellent.  You can read it at BROADWAYBe sure and see the new pictures in the last two blogs here.   I posted them on Wednesday evening.  However, I still have 3 more to post.

Taylor, Billy, and Clay – Backstage at Law & Order, SVU

The following are two screen caps by SueReu…Thank You!!

I will check throughout the day for more reviews and mentions of Clay Aiken so check back !  

I hope you will comment about what you thought of the show.

 Of course, I thought Clay was great, but I found the entire show to be riveting…It was sad, yet put together very well.

 What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Just Never Disappoints

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see Clay on screen much longer than expected!! He was soooo good! I enjoyed the storyline and was happy at the outcome even tho it was sad as well. SVU is a really great show. Thanks for all the links and photo caps musicfan! He looked scrumptious!! GO CLAY!!

  2. I thought it was great!!! Clay had the most lines and the most screen time out of the 3 judges! Love the picture on here of him with a thumbs up and the half smile, half lip bite-so cute!
    Thanks for sharing the pics and all the updates!

  3. I was amused by Clay's final comment on the judging panel, "Where does that voice come from?" That is what Randy Jackson said to Clay week after week on AI. Ashanti & Taylor sat very close to one another, but Clay was a little further away. It was a terrific story line and Billy Porter was so believable in his role.

  4. I enjoyed seeing Clay on Law and Order last night, he was great and very handsome, would love to see him on more TV. Thanks

  5. Clay did great. He was so cute and I loved his in chair dancing. He and Ashani looked at each other and both started snapping their fingers and head boppin. So cute!

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