Clay Aiken – A Fun Picture!

Clay Aiken  –  The young lady posted this on Twitter today….Sunday Lunch

Looking good, Mr. Aiken!

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Fun Picture!

    • Yes…same sweater and I think the same shirt too. Maybe Clay remembered that it was an anniversary and wanted to remember then special…No?? Well, a bit far-fetched, but love that he gets his money's worth out of his outfits.

  1. He does look fantastic. If that is the same sweater and shirt then more power to him that he can still fit into them. I certainly don’t wear the same size I did ten years ago. Ooops! 🙂

  2. I love the picture but the caption on Instagram bothered me. She wrote For all of you who don't believe me that my family knows Clay Aiken-or something to that extent…..Makes me wonder if Clay knows that she was taking that picture to broadcast on Twitter and Instagram that "she knows him". I always felt that Clay tried to keep his private life and friends out of the public eye. I may be wrong but it seemed a little "braggy" to me!

  3. wow what a great picture i remember that sweater i beleve its the green sweater fom clay aiken christmas special

  4. It seems her Mom used to babysit Clay – just what I heard! Clay looks healthy, relaxed, and radiant –
    very fortunate young girl!! 🙂 It's nice to see him in a home environment – he so much more at ease
    with ones he knows well!

  5. This photo does look like it was taken in someone's home, but look out the window…lots of cars parked there.

  6. he wore the green sweater on celebrity apprentice too.. and he wearing again now.. i think he loves the green sweater so much.. looks good on clay! ^^

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