Clay Aiken – It Was More Than A Concert!

In 2005, Clay Aiken traveled around the country presenting The Joyful Noise Tour. Aiken dug into his theatrical roots for this holiday show. He wrote a story that incorporated traditional Christmas songs and tunes from his Christmas CD, Merry Christmas With Love. He spent little time in the spotlight, instead letting the actors and dancers perform scenes as he sang.

It was more than a concert, but still highlighted the wonderful voice of Clay, backed by his accomplished back-up singers. It was fun to see how Clay used some talented actors and singers from his hometown of Raleigh. He also used capable performers from local theater groups from the area of the concert

Because of the talent of so many fans, we have many wonderful pictures from this tour.

Please vote for your favorite picture. This will be hard!!








 Did you get to see this concert live??

I was lucky enough to see it twice.


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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It Was More Than A Concert!

  1. Yes, I did attend this concert. The idea for the show emanated from a dream Clay had, and what an excellent presentation it was! My favorite photo is #4. It depicts Clay's sincere reverence and sheer joy for the true meaning of Christmas as well as his belief in celebrating the season YEAR-ROUND.

  2. I only saw it ONCE, but it was my FIRST ever time to be in the same room and breathe the same air as Clay Aiken. I've been around since "Take" but never knew I could go to a show all by myself like I do now. EEEE! He was gorgeous and you are right. Now way can I pick the best picture you posted! Love them all!

  3. I did see this JNT 2005 show and thought he was so amazing to have put that altogether so
    beautifully. I loved everything about it. I went with my daughter and a few of her friends – it was such a
    good time!! I love every single pic but will say # 4 and #5 are favorites because I absolutely love
    Good News, and I love Quiana with Clay and I think she has one of the most beautiful smiles I have
    ever seen – – it is what I noticed about her when she sang Silver Bells on Clay's first Christmas
    Special – incredible smile!!! Love Clay with Quiana!!

  4. I love ALL the pictures but especially #4, #5, #6 and #7. I've seen the JNT a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. Are you kidding me? Can't choose a favorite, they all are. Thanks Martha xo, and I've never had the pleasure of being able to see Clay live, thank goodness for Clack.

  6. I didn’t get to see this tour but I’ve enjoyed the clack.

    The pictures are all wonderful but my favorites are 4 and 6.

  7. #1 is my choice, but they are all so gorgeous. Is Clay really that handsome, or do we just think he is because we love him so? I know I didn't think he was gorgeous at "Take"…..I just fell in love with his voice. But now it's the whole package!

  8. I saw this concert in Cincinnati at the Music Hall. Beautiful building, fantastic concert. Jacob wasn't there that night and Clay sang Jacob's part with Quiana & Angie. How can I pick just one picture!? Clay makes a handsome angel. And the black suit with the long jacket and red tie that he wore at the end in front of the curtain was dashing.

  9. I love them all, but have always loved #4 (Good News). I did go to one concert of this tour in Youngstown, Ohio, and had a handshake after the show. What fun!!

    The thing is, Clay wrote this vinette, and it came to life. All the songs from MCWL put to life…I thought he did a fantastic job.

  10. I think we saw this concert 5 times. The whole thing was fabulous! Picture #3 is my all-time favorite. How can anyone be so perfect? When he sang that song, it was so haunting.

  11. i dint get the chance of seing this amazing concert i watched the videos of it i aways liked the song good news clay makes a hansome angel number 4 is my pic when clay sang good news

  12. I did see this show! It was my second one. My vote for best picture is number 1– I’m such a sucker for the nicely-tailored black suit and the red tie just gives it enough color to look fantastic.

  13. Hands Down Bottom Line this was my favorite JNT tour. Traveling to St. Paul was a blast, the show was great, and best of all….my best friend (a Groban-ite) grudgingly in attendance for my sake was impressed enough to buy her first Clay Aiken CD – Merry Christmas With Love. Thank you for the pictures – I like picture number one.

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