Clay Aiken – Birthday Greetings Abound!

Saturday was Clay Aiken’s birthday.  I hope that Clay had a fun day!  The ClayNation enjoyed watching the messages that were sent on Social Media about his special day.  Clay’s tweet was wonderful:

A fan of Clay Aiken noticed the hashtag and tweeted the following:

How fun!! The following special birthday greetings were sent to Clay Aiken for his 35th birthday!






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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Birthday Greetings Abound!

  1. I hope Clay had a wonderful day yesterday. From a tweet it looks like he was with his mother and a few children taking in the Christmas light display in Raleigh! We have some fantastic ones in our town too!

    Clay for President? Well why the heck not?! LOL! He'd be good cos he's so good at anything he does! Missing him singing Christmas songs this year. Finally heard "Noel" in a local store. I stopped frozen listening!

  2. I hope Clay had the best day. I lived the tweet! I do wonder about the hashtag though. Witty observation or hint of things to come??

    • Someone had tweeted earlier in the day that he is now old enough to run for President. The min age to run for President in America is 35. I don't think Clay would run for president though- too much work/exposure/probing into personal life/family life etc…..He'll just have to be the president of our hearts! <3

  3. It is fun seeing all the messages for Clay. I hope he had a wonderful day with his family. I am so glad I found this site. So much news…

  4. Loving Ann MacDonald's tweet – Clay looks good sitting behind that desk! Thanks to Ann -that'll work
    for sure! 🙂 Love seeing all of the tweets – hope Clay had a great day. <3

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