Clay Aiken – Some Pre-Show Fun! – Updated- Again!!

A new tweet message and picture!


A fun tweet from Merle Dandridge. She is so supportive of Clay Aiken!


A new tweet from Clay’s fan art quest who was in the front row:



I will add to the post as the afternoon/evening continues so please check back!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Some Pre-Show Fun! – Updated- Again!!

  1. Hope you enjoyed it…..from what he said it's not gonna happen again for a while. I pray I am wrong!

  2. It looks like he is getting out of the singing business and I am so disappointed..but he has to do what is right for him…just not so good for us….I will miss him so much…..

    • I sense also that Clay is getting out of his singing career, but he did mention it a couple of years ago on The Talk that he would be leaving in the not too distant future, I respect his decision, he wants to help those who don't have a voice, I will miss him also very much, God bless him. but it was so wonderful to see him last night, he sang beautifully and chatted nicely with Arsenio who gave him quite a bit of time on his show, what a great Christmas present it was! I will keep that recorded show forever! Thanks Martha xo

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