Clay – A Suit and Tie Life

It seems that Clay Aiken has been wearing a suit and tie a bit more recently.  And, if the rumors that have swirling about are true, the business attire will be an important part  of Clay’s everyday life.

The following  are a few looks that might be appropriate. What do you think?









There are so many other great outfits. I probably did not post your favorite. But, I did the best I could. 

Let us know your favorite look.

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15 thoughts on “Clay – A Suit and Tie Life

  1. I can't get enough of Clay in a good suit and tie! It's so much better than the earliest suit I remember when he sang with Bing Crosby on Nickelodeon!

  2. Clay looks great in a suit. Love them all. I remember going to the Gala in 2011 in Washington, and seeing Clay for the first time that night, wearing a black suit, and he looked amazing. Especially with his natural hair colour… You can't take your eyes off of him. Thanks for all the pics Musicfan.

  3. It's so hard to pick just one. So, I will pick two: #1 and #7. But, of course, Clay looks good in any suit. What a handsome man.

  4. He looks good in a suit and tie. I like #1, #2, and #5 (just looking at the suits and not the hair, etc.).Bring Back My Love is onat ezdoesit radio as I type this comment (8:28 am).

  5. I always love it when Clay wears a suit. He always looks amazing.

    I cannot pick just one, but my favorite suit/tie combos would be #2, #5, and #6

  6. Hi musicfan, been long time not posting any comment. But I am still a fanatic reader of ur blog about clay.

    Can not have a day without clay :). I always love clay in suit.. Always, always, always.

    He is sooo handsome n adorable in suit. I’ll go with no 7

    Btw I wish all clay fan in US warm n safe amongst all thick snow & severe temp.

    Warm hug from raining n gloomy weather Indonesia

    (it’s also cold here but 21C is nothing compare to super minus Celcius in the US)

  7. He looks great in any type a suit and tie he wares. I just hope and pray this will be the right move for him.

  8. oh I cannot just pick one. CLAY IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! in all of them. if I had to pick one it would be#1 YOU GO CLAY ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

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