Clay Aiken – What Makes Your Perfect Day?

Just imagine for a moment your Perfect Day and how it would look. Perfect Day? I’ve had a few. The birth of my children, the day my son graduated from college with the highest GPA in his class…the day, a few years ago when I sat through the dress rehearsal for a show on Broadway and got to meet all the performers (including Clay), the producer, director and even got to tour the backstage just before the show started.

My idea of a perfect day changes almost daily. Today, I think first of my family. I love the average day when my husband and I can spend the day playing with our 7 year old twin grandchildren and then have dinner together with their parents joining us. Yeh….pretty boring for most, but, for me, I feel so blessed that I get to share my life with those I love.

But…another Perfect Day? I would love to have lunch or dinner with Clay Aiken. I would love to have the opportunity to sit and talk…to share what we have in common and explore what is new to me. Ahhhh…Dream big or dream small about that perfect day. But dream!!!

Tell us what makes your Perfect Day. What’s your idea of perfection? Is it a boat ride around Paris, a day at the beach on Hawaii, a day helping students for The National Inclusion Project, or, like me, a day at home with your family? I hope you will share your dreams with us.


You could tell me tonight
that maybe the world would end
that the sun wouldn’t rise
and it was gonna rain again
just as long as she’s in my arms
it’s gonna be a perfect day
it’s gonna be a perfect day!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – What Makes Your Perfect Day?

  1. Just chit-chatting for an afternoon with Clay and exchanging experiences has long been my idea of a perfect day. Of late, however, I would gladly sacrifice the above just to see Clay elected to Congress where he would be able to promote legislation that would lead to many perfect days for a great number of neglected individuals. I have come to understand that Clay needs to be SHARED!

  2. Loved the video….hmmmm a Perfect Day!!!! I try to make everyday a perfect day… Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. I love simple days, stress free. When Clay was on tour, my perfect day would be a road trip, then to see Clay that evening….PERFECT!!!
    But life is always changing, as it should. Anything that makes me happy is Perfect.

  3. Love that song, one of my perfect days was when my son's first child was born, my first grandchild I could watch grow up! Thanks Martha xo

  4. My perfect day would be to spend the day with my both of my children and my 2 beautiful grandsons in a wonderful beach setting. The evening would be complete with having Clay join us for dinner. AHHHHH yep that is my perfect day,
    Loved the video. Thanks for all of the work you put into this site.

  5. The beginning of my perfect day is logging on to my computer and finding CANN with the latest Clay news. Spending time laughing and talking with my family and friends is the best of all times. Of course I'd love to be able to talk to and share with Clay all that he means to me and so many others.

  6. when im listening to my music and that song comes on i sing ,,, just as long as i hear clays voice, its gonna be a perfect day!!!

  7. a perfect day is watching clay sing and talk , also my grandchildren having fun, what happened to the videos of clays interviews running for congress?

    • They are under the tab, Clay 4 NC. Some look black, but just click on them and they will "wake up"

    • It appears I have a broken plugin, which is too bad because I liked that one. I am installing a new one and you should be able to see the videos now. Let me know if you have any problems with it. Thanks for the heads up!

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