Clay Aiken – Lucky To Have Him!

On Wednesday night, there was a celebration of sorts on the set of American Idol.  It seems that this broadcast was the shows 500th episode.  The once popular show has inspired many young singers and also broke the hearts of many more.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Many of the 13 winning Idols sent in video shout-outs that were played throughout the show. After the three remaining idol contestants performed, a celebration cake was bought out at the end.

The following are a few facts about the 13 seasons of American Idol:

  • The title of Season 1 was “American Idol: The Search For A Superstar.”
  • Fantasia has been nominated for 11 Grammy Awards.
  • Carrie Underwood has sold over 13 million albums, had 13 #1 singles, and has 5 Grammy’s, 6 AMA’s, and 6 People’s Choice Awards.
  • Bo Bice’s grandmother made the jeans he wore on the show.
  • Blake Lewis was the first contestant to Beat Box on the show.
  • Season 7 was the first season contestants were allowed to play instruments.
  • Season 10 was the first time contestants could audition on-line.
  • Winners Ruben Studdard, David Cook, and Kris Allen all originally attended the “Idol” tryouts to keep their respective auditioning brothers company.
  • Clay Aiken gave Nigel Lythgoe a heart attack – Nigel went into cardiac arrest while editing the popular Season 2 contestant’s bio piece. Of course, this is not the only time…he still causes lots of hearts to flutter.
  • The season 2 finale with Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard is still the highest-rated American Idol Finale episode at 38.1 million.


I have to admit that I no longer watch American Idol.  I enjoyed it for a few years, but when the show changed the emphasis to other things than finding the best, unknown singer, I was no longer excited about the show.

I will always be thankful for the show because it introduced Clay Aiken to the world.  I have had so much fun watching Clay as he became one of the most well known Idols in the world.  And, I have enjoyed seeing him give so much energy to making the world a better place.

I do miss hearing him sing, but I have so enjoyed watching him the last few months as he is on a path to the U.S. House of Representative.  It seems like Clay is doing something that he wants to do and is excited about.  Washington D.C. will be lucky to have him!

One of my favorite performances by Clay on American Idol took place during Season 5.  I love that he was the surprise of the night and the talk of the town!


What is your favorite Clay moment on American Idol?

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Lucky To Have Him!

  1. I still do watch American Idol. It's wearing off a little because I'm not excited about the contestants like I was in 2003. I don't vote but I DO enjoy the singing. Thank goodness Clay was encouraged to audition for this show! I don't know what I would have been doing for the last 11 years without him!

    • Me to. He is my pastime. He is such a fantastic singer they will never have any one as good as him, Where are all the idols out there that are better looking them him? The 3 things in my life that I love are my grandchildren, politics, and Clay. Of course my 4children to, So now Clay is in Politics, and I am a Democrat, he has such a good heart, I think he can make a difference there, he can get along with anyone and that .is important.,We need him there, I have his music, but love to watch him sing on Utube, he sings with such passion.

  2. Every moment Clay opened his mouth to sing were my favourite moments. Not much of an answer but it is the truth! 😀

  3. Thanks Music Fan for putting that video and it's one of the best finale in the history of AI because of Clay's guest performance which I have enjoyed it very much. AI 2 was my favorite one and the 2005 as my 2nd favorite.

  4. Its impossible to pick a favorite moment during Clay's AI 2 performances. One that I remember fondly is when Clay returned from NC to sing for the 3 judges. He was in a blue shirt and black suit. They all praised him for his poise, voice, and hard work. He went on to win the wild card and become the singer and man we all love.

  5. I watched the very last episode of Season 1. But I really got interested Season 2. It was amazing to watch Clay transform throughout the season. Has gotten more handsome over the years. I have 2 favorite moments. The first being Bridge over troubles waters in the finale (should have won). The second was when he surprised the "Clay look alike". Wish him the very best for his future!!!!!

  6. I only watched AI when Clay was on, and whenever he made an appearance. I found my Idol, and thank God I did. What a wonderful 11 year ride this has been, and I will continue to follow and watch Clay in his new venture. He truly is one in a million. He can do anything. Yes, early AI was good, because they took completely unknown people and gave those people a chance. It changed when they brought in ringers, and then it was about the judges…Totally changed the dynamic of the show.

  7. Bridge Over Troubled Water will always be my favorite when Clay sang it, also I loved the old American Idol shows, I do watch on and off AI to see which singer I like the best but Clay Aiken will always be my favorite. When I watch someone sing one of the songs Clay sang, no one can sing them like he can.. Love the article Martha, thanks. xo

  8. The ai5 finale is my favorite Clay moment because I didn’t see season 2 so that is when I became a Clay fan. Oh his season 2 performances that I have seen my favorites are probably Somewhere Out There and To Love Somebody. Of course they were all amazing so it’s really hard to say.

  9. Have to pretty much agree with Anna about his singing, but he was pretty great in those Ford commercials, especially the one where he transformed from super nerd to "pimped out" in the red suit. One highlight for me was his Season 3 guest star rendition of "Solitaire." He looked and sang like a superstar. Have to love "Fantasy," too, with top 4 AI3 girls & that little triumphant flourish on the last line, "on my way!"

  10. One non singing highlight was when he demonstrated he could turn his feet completely backward. He was the epitome of contrasts from goofy to sublime (Solitaire, Bridge,etc.) and totally mesmerizing as a performer. He sang with so much heart and he always pushed himself outside his comfort zone while the favorite often coasted. His vulnerability, genuineness, and care for his fellow contestants were heart grabbers, too, as was his desire to make a difference for others. Pure charisma. Do you remember that first intervene with the Jaded Journalist and Clay's constant flow of snark? He was just fascinating. Sorry, once you get me started, my OCD kicks in.

  11. I no longer watch American Idol so I had no idea it was a special night.

    I love that the show introduced Clay to the world, but they have shown many times that he is not one of their favorites…so sad!!!

    Thank you for the video….what a great night for Clay and for us!!!

  12. Thanks for all you do to bring us the latest news!

    Clay had so many wonderful performances on Idol,and as much as I dislike it now it did bring Clay! And that man has enriched my life.. I guess my fave would have to be BOTW.. That performance blew people away including the judges.. I'm grateful for the man and his dedication to serve to be a voice for his home land.. I'm so proud..


  13. As we said after AI2, Idol found, Game over. I too wonder what I would have done without Clay "in my life" for the last 11 years. Would have been pretty humdrum. Instead I've got wonderful memories of trips with Clay friends over those years and I will never forget them. The last being last year in Ogunquit at Joseph. Just phenomenal! As much as I hate to lose him as a singer, I am so happy that he has found a path that he really wants to follow and has been successful at it thus far. It isn't often that fans "give up" the fanship for their idol to follow a different path but since he has been so good to us, we want him to do as he wants and wish him all the best. This has turned out to be a rough week for him but with his compassion and understanding, he is standing back. All the people in NC should take note of this man's incredible passion for everything he does and the passion which is returned to him because he is and always will be Our Man Clay.

  14. my favorite clay moment was when he was on when michael sandecky showd up and micheal dint know clay was gona be there michael sang and oh wow we there he was clay aiken singing dont let the sun go down on me as michael sandecky watched clay in amazement

  15. He had my undivided attention after Someone Else's Star in AI2. But my FAVORITE Clay Aiken moment came later on AI3 when he returned to sing Solitare. His stride to the mic was strong and confident. He looked like a star in that dressy outfit. Then he brought a totally new audience to their feet for a standing O with an incredible vocal performance that showed off his range. Oh how I love the low notes!! After that smirk when he heard the audience erupt with cheers during the super long note …I saw a whole new man. For it wasn't the AI2 "idol wanna be" on the stage that night. Right then, through today, forever and always, I see Clay Aiken the "triple platinum measure of a MAN."

  16. My favorite Clay appearance on AI was the season 5 surprise appearance. We hadn't seen or heard from him in so long!! When I saw him, I cried. I played my DVR over and over–just couldn't get enough. The next day at school and for days that's all everyone was talking about.

    Miss singing Clay, but so proud of him as he follows his passion and runs for Congress.

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