Clay Aiken – Eating, Greeting, and Making Friends

Clay Aiken spent Sunday visiting and talking with crowds in Cumberland County.  He talked to them one on one and spoke to the crowd too, encouraging all to register to vote!

There are lots of pictures so I will post some of them and keep the words to a minimum.  Remember, if you click on the picture it will expand to see it better.

Clay had lunch at Omar’s II Italian Restaurant…

We had a “Celebrity” enjoy lunch today at Omar’s! Clay Aiken with the Omar’s Gang!

Then, he made a stop at a Um Um Concessions Italian Ice cart…

The man who was selling the Italian Ice said on his Facebook page:

This was pretty cool. Got to meet and talk to Clay Aiken today at the event I was at. He was enjoying some Italian Ice while we talked. Very nice guy and down to earth. I liked the fact that he actually took the time to talk to me for several minutes. Just a cap to a really good and fun event.


Clay joined with The Cumberland County Democrats for some business and some fun.  Clay posted the following on his Facebook page:

Many thanks to the Cumberland County Dems today for their hard work at the GOTV and voter registration drive! It’s great to see the citizens of Cumberland County working to move North Carolina forward!


The Latin Party in Westover Park looked like lots of fun.  There were lots of people to meet and it looked like Clay made a new “colorful” friend!

Fayetteville Today ‏@myFayToday 2m PHOTO: Clay Aiken and Borinqueneers MC – NC at the Latin Party in Westover Park

Meeting Some Lovely Ladies

Giving A Firm Handshake

Meeting and Greeting

Can This Fellow Vote?

A new, colorful Friend!

A close up of Clay from Instagram: #clayaiken he was THAT close ladies and gentleman…he was telling me to register to vote! Lol

A big thank you to Mr. Frank B. Maness for taking so many pictures and posting them on Facebook.  He has more pictures posted at MANESS


I posted a mid-day blog on Sunday.  If you missed it, check out page two.

And, as always, I will post the news as quickly as I can so please check back later for up-dates.

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Eating, Greeting, and Making Friends

  1. I always enjoy seeing Clay mingling with people, making friends, and getting confirmation for being a really down-to-earth person. I am probably in the minority, but I LOVE his freckles that show so clearly in the parrot photos!!!!

  2. My granddaughter was with me when I saw the first photo of Clay with that parrot. GASP!! Wow! Look at Clay with that bird grandma! BOTH of them were so colorful! I believe that is my new desktop photo! My favorite shirt as well! I think it's Clay's favorite too, lol! Thanks for bringing them here musicfan. Clay is indeed getting out to make sure people register to vote! Clay for Congress!!!

  3. Love love the photos of clay expecially with the parrot. Clay looks so happy and content. Thanks Musicfan xo

  4. Thanks for all the updates from yesterday Musicfan. Out all day yesterday, so it's great to see everything together….He sure is one busy man. He's out meeting people in his district, hiring, phoning, planning.. I am beyond proud of him.

  5. i also think that parot should be clays mascot clay does look happy he sure is one busy man and the pa

    tor should sa

    i agree that that parrot should be come clays mascot vote for clay and i must say clay looks amazing happy and content

    y vote for clay

  6. Thank you so much for giving us updates of Clay. He looks as though he is making new friends and is letting them know that he truly cares. Of course, we his fans, have known that already. Love the green plaid shirt, especially with the beautiful green parrot he was holding.

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