Clay Aiken – “I Love You, Dad!”

Fathers’ Day is a special day to honor not only our dads but those who’ve been a father figure to us.

In the United States, Fathers’ Day falls on the third Sunday of the month of June.


Wishing you a

Happy Fathers’ Day!

May it be filled with

lots of love,

lots of family,

lots of hugs,


lots of fun.


How Are you celebrating Fathers’ Day?


June 24th is Clay Day in Lee County!

Clay Aiken, the 2nd District’s Democratic candidate for Congress, will be spending June 24th in Lee County, and we’ll be celebrating!

Stay tuned for a detailed schedule of “Clay Day” events!

For more information visit CLAYDAY

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “I Love You, Dad!”

  1. Happy Father's Day to all the great Fathers' out there today.

    Also wishing Clay an extra special Father's Day.
    I will be thinking fondly of my Dad today, as I do every day. He was a wonderful man, filled with love, laughter. He lit up a room when he entered it. I lost him far too early in my life. My dad had just turned 50 when he passed away, I was 29. Like most things in life, you don't know what you have until it's gone. Have a great Day today everyone!!!

  2. I'm off to work after a couple of weeks of vacation. Blaaahhhh! Also wishing Clay a wonderful Father's Day. Mine has been gone since '91 but I think of him on this special day!

  3. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. I hope Clay has a good fathers day. I;m not sure how often he sees him. Mine passed in 2004. I know he is always watching over me and me and my family always.

  4. Happy Father's Day and God Bless them all!. You are all special to someone. I miss my dad and he has been gone for 20 years. I pray that Clay is having a wonderful and blessed Father's Day!

  5. happy fatheres day clay i also am thinking about my father my dad he was a wonderfull father my dad use tro make me laugh he passed away january 23 but i do indeed think of my dad on this special day

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